Saturday, 1 March 2014

Questions & Answers With Ben Cockayne

I recently got the chance to ask Ben Cockayne some questions. I sent Ben a message asking if he would mind, he was really nice and agreed which I appreciate. This year I want my blog to grow and I would love to be able to ask loads of sports persons, musicians and maybe even actors some questions too. For those of you who may not know Ben he is a rugby league player who currently plays for Hull KR, last year he was on the elite training squad for the England team. Other teams he has played for are The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Featherstone Rovers. 


1.Do you have a pre-game ritual?Just fuel myself correctly in the build up to the game.

2.Are you enjoying being back at Hull KR?Yes I love it

3.Are there any goals or achievements you want to reach by the end of your career?I would love to play in a major final 

4.Do you think that you will recapture the form that got you into the England team?
I hope so but I am realistic enough to know there are better players in my position

5.How does losing a game affect you and do you look to see if you could of played any better?
I always review my game to see where I could of done better, don't dwell on losses or wins too much as there is always the week after to focus on

6.Who inspired you to become a rugby player?
No one really just got took along to my amateur club by a good friend when I was 7 and never looked back

7.What would you advise young children who want to become professional rugby players?
Make correct choices away from the field and never give up on your dreams (speaking from major experience) 

8.Was it demoralising when you had to leave Hull KR and go to Featherstone or was it a big motivator for turning your life around and getting back into super league?
It was the kick up the arse I needed because I made too many wrong choices away rugby and didn't have any other interests to occupy me in my spare time

9.What do you plan to do when you stop playing rugby?
Continue with the business I already have helping people reach their health and wellness goals via great nutrition

10. If you were a coach and could have any 13 players who would make up your team?
Slater, Tupou, Watkins, Jennings, Briscoe, Carney, Cronk, Graham, Friend, Warrea Hargreaves, Williams, Westwood and Burgess

11.Does the abuse you get from Hull FC fans come across as pantomime banter or is it just nasty? 
Both some sections have serious hate and some have great banter

Big Thank You to Ben for this and you can check out his other line of work which he mentions in question 9 by clicking here

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