Saturday, 29 March 2014

It is OK to be Gay

Last week there was a show on TV called "Undercover Doctor:Cure me I'm Gay" I'm not sure if you have seen it. Dr. Christian Jessen went on a few trips to try a few of these so called 'cures' where apparently you will in the end become straight. Of course these 'cures' do not work, although some claim they do yet there is no scientific proof to back up their claim. I'm shocked that people are allowed to carry out this brain washing, all I saw on the show and from what I have seen on the internet is brain washing and making a human being be degraded so that they feel so ashamed they feel like they have to live a lie. It makes me so mad that people think they have a right to change someone else and to tell them they are disgusting for loving someone of the same sex. How does it affect anyone else's life if someone is attracted to or in a relationship with someone of the same sex as them? It doesn't and it shouldn't. A lot of these anti-gay groups focused on religion saying it is wrong, but I can't see where it says that. I have read parts that say we should all accept and love one another etc. I personally am not religious I used to be and went to church regularly but there were to many questions, my point is why use someone's weakness (religion in this case) to bully and humiliate others. 

It is 2014 and Gay marriage is now legal in the UK. I hope that this is a step forward and that the rest of the world will follow. I know many people reading this will have their own opinions on this topic, maybe some of you reading this are gay or gay and haven't come out yet. If you are gay then you should be proud of yourself if you have come out and not everyone thinks the same as these narrow minded haters. If you haven't come out yet, I hope you find the strength to come out people that love you and care for you won't and shouldn't care what your sexuality is. Good Luck to all the couples that are getting married.   

I could discuss this for hours and about different points that people have mentioned to me about this topic. I just want to show my support and maybe I have helped someone or even changed someone's attitude towards the gay community.