Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bubble Scooter Review

When I was a child I had a scooter it was metal and I loved it I thought it was the best scooter around. I played for hours on it zooming from one friends house to another, we all had scooters. My little boy has just got his first scooter and he loves it. The excitement started when there was a loud knock at the door Jared and the dog went running to the door (as they do all the time) and a big box was handed to me. The first part I pulled out of the box was a wheel and that was Jared squealing and shouting "Beep Beep". Anything that has wheels is a beep beep to Jared and scooter is a bit of a tricky word for him to say. 

We were sent a Rocket Bubble Scooter to enjoy and review from the lovely people at Fun 4 Kids. It comes in two colours blue and pink, of course we got the blue one although I'm sure Jared would of equally loved it in pink. The blue scooter comes with a little bag that attaches to the front via Velcro, great for keeping some little snacks in after dashing about. The pink scooter comes with a basket perfect for popping a doll or teddy or snacks. 

It took about 15 minuets to put it all together, the instructions are pretty basic and you have a picture guide to show you how to do it. What took me the longest was putting the back wheels on as I couldn't figure out which way they went, but having a very excited little boy picking bits up and repeatedly shouting "beep beep" didn't help. With the scooter put together the fun started! We filled the back with bubble mixture which is supplied, and turned the fan on. At first there was a wait for the bubbles, they soon shot out. Which I have tried to capture on my phones camera you can see the stream of bubbles.

This is where the dog got to have her fun chasing bubbles and popping them. Most of the toys Jared has he tries to give to Rosie so she can play with him, unfortunately Rosie can't push cars or build with mega blocks. We now have something that they both love playing with, Jared was pushing the scooter around and Rosie was running after the bubbles. It was great to see them playing together and having such a great time. We have been to a few places and let Jared have a play with scooters and he struggled with them, some were too heavy for him to move others handles didn't adjust low enough for him. The rocket bubble scooter is perfect it is lightweight plus the height can be changed. The wheels are made of like a rubber rather then plastic so should last a good time, I find the plastic wheels are loud and often break quickly. 

I honestly would recommend this to any parent who is looking for a scooter for their child. The bubbles make it more like a motorbike/scooter and every child always wants to be able to relate their toy to something. When I was young my scooter was in my mind like a scooter that adults would ride, my bike was a motorbike with playing cards pegged so the spokes would make that motorbike noise. This scooter has just helped spark the imagination that little bit more, and what child doesn't want bubbles flying behind them as the zoom along. You can purchase your Rocket Bubble Scooter from the website in either pink or blue for the fab price of £29.95. 

This product was sent to us for free in order for us to review, this in no way has changed or influenced the opinions given in the post.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Formoline L112 competition

I have another competition for you guys. I have ran this competition once before and have been asked to run it again. You can have a look at my last Formoline L112 post here. As the weather is getting brighter and warmer, holidays are getting booked many of us are looking to lose a few pounds (stones in my case). Formoline L112 aids in helping you lose them pounds and helps you to reaching your target. I know some aren't a fan of weight loss supplements, but for people like me who struggle to lose weight they do help. 

I have 10 boxes of 48 to be won which means 10 winners. Formoline L112 is currently on sale for £2.99 for a box of 48 I also have a code for you when purchasing your Formoline L112 from if enter SLIM112 then you will receive £10 money off voucher. All you need to do to enter is fill in the rafflecoptor below. 

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Canvas Review and Competition

I love pictures. Not only do they show a memory or a moment that has taken place they are great to look at to see how much has changed. I have loads of photo albums and memory sticks full of pictures, and not to mention how many I have on my phone and facebook. Since having a child the amount of pictures I take have doubled and he loves to pose for pictures too. I was recently contacted by canvas design and was asked if I would like to do a review, I of course said yes and sent a picture over. The first picture I sent wasn't good enough in quality to be able to work with so I was asked to said over a bunch of pictures and they said they would sort something out for me. I love that they did this as I know a few companies at this point would be like forget it!! After sending off the pictures about a week later I had a text letting me know when my canvas would arrive, which I also love that they did this as I normally miss parcels and sometimes they get lost. When my parcel arrived I was so excited and I got a surprise when I opened it to see I had received three beautiful canvas prints. 

The quality of the Canvas is great I honestly can't fault it, I also got the hooks to put them up (which took me a while to figure out how to put on). I know from using other places in the past that some pictures can be blurry when transferring on to Canvas or Acrylic blocks, I'm so happy that these aren't and I really am so please with them. I finally have a picture of just me and Jared-David it was hard to find ones where we were just smiling and not pulling a funny face. We don't have many 'normal' family pictures simply because when we take pictures we like to capture the personality of ourselves which is why are family picture we look silly. Then there is the single picture of Jared-David playing at the park. 

Canvas design prices start at £5.99 and the smallest is 6" X 6" the largest they go is 72" just in case you fancy a big one. All orders come with free 48 hour delivery and hanging kit. You can also purchase floating canvas prints and gift vouchers. For my lucky readers I have a discount code for you to get 15% off just enter the code in the check out BLOG15.

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I received this item free so I could review it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Questions & Answers With Ben Cockayne

I recently got the chance to ask Ben Cockayne some questions. I sent Ben a message asking if he would mind, he was really nice and agreed which I appreciate. This year I want my blog to grow and I would love to be able to ask loads of sports persons, musicians and maybe even actors some questions too. For those of you who may not know Ben he is a rugby league player who currently plays for Hull KR, last year he was on the elite training squad for the England team. Other teams he has played for are The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Featherstone Rovers. 


1.Do you have a pre-game ritual?Just fuel myself correctly in the build up to the game.

2.Are you enjoying being back at Hull KR?Yes I love it

3.Are there any goals or achievements you want to reach by the end of your career?I would love to play in a major final 

4.Do you think that you will recapture the form that got you into the England team?
I hope so but I am realistic enough to know there are better players in my position

5.How does losing a game affect you and do you look to see if you could of played any better?
I always review my game to see where I could of done better, don't dwell on losses or wins too much as there is always the week after to focus on

6.Who inspired you to become a rugby player?
No one really just got took along to my amateur club by a good friend when I was 7 and never looked back

7.What would you advise young children who want to become professional rugby players?
Make correct choices away from the field and never give up on your dreams (speaking from major experience) 

8.Was it demoralising when you had to leave Hull KR and go to Featherstone or was it a big motivator for turning your life around and getting back into super league?
It was the kick up the arse I needed because I made too many wrong choices away rugby and didn't have any other interests to occupy me in my spare time

9.What do you plan to do when you stop playing rugby?
Continue with the business I already have helping people reach their health and wellness goals via great nutrition

10. If you were a coach and could have any 13 players who would make up your team?
Slater, Tupou, Watkins, Jennings, Briscoe, Carney, Cronk, Graham, Friend, Warrea Hargreaves, Williams, Westwood and Burgess

11.Does the abuse you get from Hull FC fans come across as pantomime banter or is it just nasty? 
Both some sections have serious hate and some have great banter

Big Thank You to Ben for this and you can check out his other line of work which he mentions in question 9 by clicking here