Sunday, 23 February 2014

Stuart The Bug Eating Man

No I'm not going to write about a man named Stuart who eats bugs. Ok I suppose I kind of am writing just that. You may have seen a previous post which was a review of a book called the monster book of numbers well the lovely people over at my little big town also sent this great book called Stuart the bug eating man. I thought maybe Jared would be too little to enjoy this but I was wrong he loved it, and I must admit I also really enjoyed it. The story is off a man who eats bugs, it is written in a rhyming way which I really enjoyed as you can get into a really good rhythm when reading out aloud. This is the synopsis of the book which is the back of the book to you and me. 

 Stuart would eat bugs, 
with his fork and with his knife, 
Much to the disgust, 
of Harriet his wife.

He'd munch them, and crunch them, 
legs and all. 
While they'd wriggle and squirm
and scurry and crawl 

Each page of the book has a lovely picture to accompany the story. The pictures are in black and white which I think makes it a bit better and not too distracting if you are reading to your child (must add Jared pointed a few times saying "whas sasst" meaning what is that). The story actually reminded me of a poem I liked as a child called 'Please Mrs Butler' I'm sure most of you have heard of that. I have one more little book left to tell you about but first I must finish reading it and get the girls to tell me what they thought about it. So keep your eyes open and the blog bookmarked. 

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