Friday, 10 January 2014

Fanta Chicken

A few months ago I tried a recipe involving Fanta. When I first saw the recipe I was unsure as I thought, like most people, why on earth would I put a fizzy drink in my food!! Surprisingly it was amazing and tasted just like sweet and sour chicken. The recipe is used by a lot of people that are using slimming world, I can't tell you the syns etc as I'm not very familiar with slimming world. So if you are craving a Chinese and wanting to watch the lbs or even if you are penny pinching, I would urge you to try this. 

You will need some chicken strips or chunks
An onion
330ml of Diet Fanta (Fanta zero)
3tbs of passata 
1 Veggie Oxo cube
1 tsp vinegar
Dried chilli flakes (amount depends on your requirement and taste) 
Peppers any colour 
Pineapple chunks (I don't like pineapple so left this out) 

Cook off the chicken and then add large chunks of the onion until they soften. 
Once the onion has soften add the 330ml of Fanta along with the 3tbs of passata and veggie oxo cube and vinegar. Then add in your chopped peppers and chilli flakes leave this to bubble for 20-30 mins, add pineapple chunks for the last few minuets before dishing up. 
I severed mine with rice but Liam had chips with his as he isn't a fan of rice. 

I hope you enjoy the recipe and keep and eye on my blog as I have recipes for diet coke chicken and jerk chicken coming soon. Can you tell I love chicken. 

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