Sunday, 7 September 2014

So far yet so close

If you are anything like me you will already have bought a load of prezzie's ready for Christmas. If you haven't started then you will be thinking I'm crazy and we have ages yet, well not to scare you but it is only 108 days away. So this little post will be full of some bargains that I have found and will hopefully help not just me but you shop for the most expensive time of the year. 

Kids 7" Android Tablet £34

This tablet is great if you have a young child that loves playing on your gadgets but you don't want to spend a fortune on buying an expensive tablet. The tablet runs on Android has a rear and front facing camera which is fab if you have a child that likes to look at themselves and take silly pictures like my son. To get the deal you will need to sign up to the website which is free and totally worth it. Just click here to go to the website. 

Crazy Critter Slippers £9

Here is another for the kids, the slippers that I wish I could fit into. There are several styles to choose from, Giraffes who's eyes blink when you walk, Crocodiles with a snappy mouth, Poodles who's ears wag with each step you take, Horse who's ears move, a cheeky Monkey where the mouth moves and Monster design who has winking eyes. You will need to sign up to the website in order to get the deal follow this link to take a look. 

Three Piece Jewellery Set £22

This set includes a pendant, stud earrings and a bangle. This is a lovely little set perfect for any women who loves to sparkle. Again you do need to sign up to the website to get this deal so here is the link for this lovely deal. 

24 Coloured Hair Chalks £12

These are great for anybody who wants a crazy hair colour but not all the time. You could have green and purple hair if you really wanted or have different shades of blue going on. These are fun and funky perfect for any age as they wash out with shampoo. I know I'm repeating but sign up to get the deal link.

U8 Smart Watch £23.52

This is currently on offer and the offer runs out in 1 day and 13 hours (this was the length left while posting). This watch is pretty good and men love watches right?! but it can be worn by ladies to. So apart from telling you the time this watch is compatible with Android/iOS smartphones meaning you can take hands free calls. From what I have read and can make out it is a great little gadget if you are into sports e.g. running. Click here for the deal but be quick before the price goes back up to £39.20

I hope some of these are helpful and I will be back next Sunday with another bargain post. I will try to include a few more for the men but they are tricky to find. Don't forget to check back during the week now I'm back up and running. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

I'm Back

Hello everyone I hope you are all well. I have been away for a while for a few reasons, you may remember a post I wrote about trying to juggle everything, well lets just say my blog was the ball that got dropped. I have been doing a lot of overtime at work since finding out I may not have a job soon due to cut backs so trying to get enough money together to great through Christmas. So I have only really had my weekends spare which means I had to split that time between my son, blog and uni work. I soon realised that none were getting my full attention, this was wearing me out. So it was my decision to leave my blog for a while, since leaving I have finish my year in uni for now and just waiting for my results of my re submission to see if I have passed and if I can go on to the next module. My son has been changing so much and I was missing things that he was saying and doing, pictures and videos just didn't seem to make it feel better for me. Jared can now count to 13 so feeling very proud of my boy, his speech has come on too. Although I haven't wrote any posts in a while I have made a plan for a Christmas themed post for this weekend it will contain so bargain buys so crafts and hopefully perk up people's thoughts towards christmas creeping up on us. Over the next few weeks I should hopefully also have a new layout on my blog which is currently being made but due to technology never being as easy as it sounds there has been a few hiccups. Another feature I'm wanting to add in the next coming months is all about books, I read a lot and I have found some great and some not so great books and authors that I want to share with you all and get your feed back on them if you have read them. 

Please check back over the weekend for my new post, I hope you all had a lovely summer.    

Monday, 2 June 2014

It's a MAC giveaway

As I have been a bit quiet as of late I thought I would give you all a treat by giving you the chance to win a MAC Lipmix. The competition will be running until the 30th of this month. Good Luck!!!

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Oven Pride Review

I have wrote this post once before but for some reason it just wasn't working so I will try again. The problem I seemed to have last time was with the pictures that I used so I have decided not to use pictures even though it would make this post a lot more better in support my views. 

A while ago I was sent some oven pride. I left my oven for a good three weeks to get really dirty and greasy as I really wanted to push the product to it's limit. One box of oven pride contains a bag which seals, a bottle of the oven pride solution and a pair of gloves. I was impressed with the gloves, most products I have bought in the past that contain gloves are normally rubbish. The gloves weren't slippy like the ones you get with home hair dye kits, they were strong and fit nicely on my hands. On a Friday night after dinner I took the racks from inside the oven and the metal cover from off the stove and placed them into the bag, I poured about three quarters of the solution into the bag and gave it a shake to make sure everything inside was covered. Within seconds of doing this the clear liquid turned to a dark brown colour, which was the grease and dirt coming away from the racks. With the left over quarter of the oven pride solution I rubbed it into the inside of the oven and on the top on the stove. I then left this overnight to work it's magic. 

We have an old oven and it has never really had the new look that some ovens get so I wasn't expecting it to make my oven look like I had just bought it. I wanted to tackle the racks first and get them looking at least half the correct colour they should be. I filled my sink with hot soapy water and started to wash away the solution. The grease seemed to just slid off the racks and put no effort into trying to cling on to the racks. I now have shiny silver racks again apart from a few marks that look like the gas and flames have took charge of these parts. The water needed to be changed a couple of times as due to the build up of greasy water and it being so dark in colour I couldn't see my hand when placing it into the sink. I decided to leave the inside of the oven and the stove for a further two hours as these parts where really stubborn and held a lot of grease. When it came to cleaning this I used a sponge with a scourer on, again it got rid of all the grease and grim and made it look more appealing to cook on. I wish I could show the results as they were great, but I would like to point out if you do have an oven that has been well used over a long period of time please expect oven pride to make it look brand new. There are always going to be some marks that can't be removed and that is most likely because it is dirt it is just general ware and tear. 

Overall I'm extremely pleased with how clean my oven got and I didn't have to spend hours scrubbing at it to get it looking good. Oven pride tackles the grease and dirt and brakes it up to make it easier to wipe away and clean. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't like scrubbing their oven, if you like spending hours cleaning your oven then keep at that as this would cut the time in half and disappoint you. Since receiving this product to try, I have purchased more of this magic.  

*I was sent this product for free to try and to review, however this in no way effects my thoughts and feelings of this product*

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My latest purchase

I have been super busy again so my blog has been left until last on my list of to do's. I hope you have all had a look at my competition on my previous post. 

Lately I have found a new little geeky love. The Hobbit!! One night last week we were flicking through the TV planner and nothing was on so we checked Netflix and Amazon and came across The Hobbit. I have never been into the whole Lord of the rings thing when it first came out. Anyway we watched The Hobbit and I was like "OMG how did I ever convince myself I would hate this thing". I have now bought The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, plus Lord of the rings box set. I thought we would watch the prequels first as it always makes more sense to me doing it that way. Also Lord of the rings Lego was purchased which is a fantastic game, but I love the Lego games anyway. Of course like everyone else that finds there new geeky love you set a ringtone on your phone and think yeah now I am a true fan. I hope more than just me does this otherwise I may need help!!!! 

The Hobbit is a great film and I would urge anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it. I would suggest you start with the Hobbit films first then do the Lord of the rings set. As for the Lego games buy them all and some food and lock yourself in your room and do not leave until you have done them all. By far the best games available for any console. I will be writing a review of the first and second Hobbit film but I promise not to spoil it for you.  

Sunday, 27 April 2014

AX1-R XBOX 360 headset review and giveaway

So, a while ago I did a product range advert for GIOTECK. Well I was sent one of their headsets to try and one to give away. The AX1-R compromises of amplified high definition speakers, an enclosed ear cup design along with independent game and chat control   My thoughts of the headset from the offset were extremely good. The black and green colours look super stylish and the design is very sleek and modern, which made a nice change from some of the huge heavy headsets that are currently on the market. Comfort wise I found them second to none. the cushioned ear pads caused no discomfort whatsoever which actually led to me forgetting I had them on! It is also easily adjustable for those with big heads and the microphone can be flipped over with ease for those who prefer the mic on the left or right. The ear defender like speakers are perfect for those times when all you want to do is concentrate on getting a win, they block out the majority of surrounding unwanted noise which add to the immersion effect that gamers relish, I particularly found this feature good on games like call of duty. The sound quality was clear and a good volume when in game chat and when having the game audio through the headset. The microphone was very good when I want talking. Everyone who I was speaking with heard me clear without any unwanted background noise. Like I said earlier I have a brand new paid to give away. All you have to do is enter below.

Thanks a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 14 April 2014

A child's first

Like most parents I keep Jared's first everything. We have a box that is full of all his hospital tubes and protective sponge glasses, the box also has a teeny tiny nappy in that was the first size small enough for him which was still to big. Over the past two years he has had a lot of first time things nearly everything from his first birthday party has been kept, and now gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. This morning while going on a crazy clean half dressed as the mess distracted me, I found Jared's first toothbrush as much as I thought "aww I will place this in a box", it got binned. All I could think of was the bacteria that had set up home on the bristles. I'm curious as to what items are acceptable to keep?! Keeping a lock of hair seems fine for me but teeth make my stomach turn. We all know how small teeth are anyway so do we or others really need to see teeth from when we were a baby? 

I have a collection of stuff I think is the most appropriate word to use here. All this stuff is shoved in my wardrobe, I have school tops which friends signed, Diary, Stamps, Letters, Drawings and certificates that I got growing up. To me these things have memories attached so they are worth keeping, along with pictures. I'd be sick if I found one of my teeth just there staring at me, why? what does this trigger to me apart from the fact that at some point in my life my teeth were little like I was. I decided to look at why people kept things like teeth and hair from a baby.

In Japan the lower baby teeth are thrown onto the roof and the upper tooth is thrown under the home. It is though that if top tooth is thrown under it will grow healthy downwards and the lower tooth will grow healthy upwards. 
I haven't heard of this old English tradition but I agree that it should be done lol, baby teeth should be dropped into a fire. And a little creepy is that the Vikings used them in jewellery as they believed the teeth helped them in battles.

I couldn't really find anything on why people kept a lock of hair it was mainly talks of religious tradition on cutting and shaving a babies hair. I think I will always keep the things that Jared paints makes but at what age do I stop collecting everything, as I still collect (horde) stuff I do now!! I'm also in the process of making a special jar so we can write a memory or funny moment to do with Jared and pop it in the jar to read at a later stage. Do you keep anything unusual or document everything your child does? Are you always taking pictures and videos that you only see the moment behind a lens?   

Monday, 7 April 2014

Win an Iphone 5 case

Sorry I have been a bit slow on posting lately, but I have been busy testing some products out so I can let you lovely lot know all about them. I have also been really busy writing essays as it is coming towards the end of this years Law work and I need to pass!! So while I'm testing and typing I have a little competition for you. If you have an Iphone and it is naked then the best thing for you to do is enter this competition and get that phone something to cover up. 

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Good Luck and don't forget to leave me a way to contact you if you win.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bubble Scooter Review

When I was a child I had a scooter it was metal and I loved it I thought it was the best scooter around. I played for hours on it zooming from one friends house to another, we all had scooters. My little boy has just got his first scooter and he loves it. The excitement started when there was a loud knock at the door Jared and the dog went running to the door (as they do all the time) and a big box was handed to me. The first part I pulled out of the box was a wheel and that was Jared squealing and shouting "Beep Beep". Anything that has wheels is a beep beep to Jared and scooter is a bit of a tricky word for him to say. 

We were sent a Rocket Bubble Scooter to enjoy and review from the lovely people at Fun 4 Kids. It comes in two colours blue and pink, of course we got the blue one although I'm sure Jared would of equally loved it in pink. The blue scooter comes with a little bag that attaches to the front via Velcro, great for keeping some little snacks in after dashing about. The pink scooter comes with a basket perfect for popping a doll or teddy or snacks. 

It took about 15 minuets to put it all together, the instructions are pretty basic and you have a picture guide to show you how to do it. What took me the longest was putting the back wheels on as I couldn't figure out which way they went, but having a very excited little boy picking bits up and repeatedly shouting "beep beep" didn't help. With the scooter put together the fun started! We filled the back with bubble mixture which is supplied, and turned the fan on. At first there was a wait for the bubbles, they soon shot out. Which I have tried to capture on my phones camera you can see the stream of bubbles.

This is where the dog got to have her fun chasing bubbles and popping them. Most of the toys Jared has he tries to give to Rosie so she can play with him, unfortunately Rosie can't push cars or build with mega blocks. We now have something that they both love playing with, Jared was pushing the scooter around and Rosie was running after the bubbles. It was great to see them playing together and having such a great time. We have been to a few places and let Jared have a play with scooters and he struggled with them, some were too heavy for him to move others handles didn't adjust low enough for him. The rocket bubble scooter is perfect it is lightweight plus the height can be changed. The wheels are made of like a rubber rather then plastic so should last a good time, I find the plastic wheels are loud and often break quickly. 

I honestly would recommend this to any parent who is looking for a scooter for their child. The bubbles make it more like a motorbike/scooter and every child always wants to be able to relate their toy to something. When I was young my scooter was in my mind like a scooter that adults would ride, my bike was a motorbike with playing cards pegged so the spokes would make that motorbike noise. This scooter has just helped spark the imagination that little bit more, and what child doesn't want bubbles flying behind them as the zoom along. You can purchase your Rocket Bubble Scooter from the website in either pink or blue for the fab price of £29.95. 

This product was sent to us for free in order for us to review, this in no way has changed or influenced the opinions given in the post.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Formoline L112 competition

I have another competition for you guys. I have ran this competition once before and have been asked to run it again. You can have a look at my last Formoline L112 post here. As the weather is getting brighter and warmer, holidays are getting booked many of us are looking to lose a few pounds (stones in my case). Formoline L112 aids in helping you lose them pounds and helps you to reaching your target. I know some aren't a fan of weight loss supplements, but for people like me who struggle to lose weight they do help. 

I have 10 boxes of 48 to be won which means 10 winners. Formoline L112 is currently on sale for £2.99 for a box of 48 I also have a code for you when purchasing your Formoline L112 from if enter SLIM112 then you will receive £10 money off voucher. All you need to do to enter is fill in the rafflecoptor below. 

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Canvas Review and Competition

I love pictures. Not only do they show a memory or a moment that has taken place they are great to look at to see how much has changed. I have loads of photo albums and memory sticks full of pictures, and not to mention how many I have on my phone and facebook. Since having a child the amount of pictures I take have doubled and he loves to pose for pictures too. I was recently contacted by canvas design and was asked if I would like to do a review, I of course said yes and sent a picture over. The first picture I sent wasn't good enough in quality to be able to work with so I was asked to said over a bunch of pictures and they said they would sort something out for me. I love that they did this as I know a few companies at this point would be like forget it!! After sending off the pictures about a week later I had a text letting me know when my canvas would arrive, which I also love that they did this as I normally miss parcels and sometimes they get lost. When my parcel arrived I was so excited and I got a surprise when I opened it to see I had received three beautiful canvas prints. 

The quality of the Canvas is great I honestly can't fault it, I also got the hooks to put them up (which took me a while to figure out how to put on). I know from using other places in the past that some pictures can be blurry when transferring on to Canvas or Acrylic blocks, I'm so happy that these aren't and I really am so please with them. I finally have a picture of just me and Jared-David it was hard to find ones where we were just smiling and not pulling a funny face. We don't have many 'normal' family pictures simply because when we take pictures we like to capture the personality of ourselves which is why are family picture we look silly. Then there is the single picture of Jared-David playing at the park. 

Canvas design prices start at £5.99 and the smallest is 6" X 6" the largest they go is 72" just in case you fancy a big one. All orders come with free 48 hour delivery and hanging kit. You can also purchase floating canvas prints and gift vouchers. For my lucky readers I have a discount code for you to get 15% off just enter the code in the check out BLOG15.

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I received this item free so I could review it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Questions & Answers With Ben Cockayne

I recently got the chance to ask Ben Cockayne some questions. I sent Ben a message asking if he would mind, he was really nice and agreed which I appreciate. This year I want my blog to grow and I would love to be able to ask loads of sports persons, musicians and maybe even actors some questions too. For those of you who may not know Ben he is a rugby league player who currently plays for Hull KR, last year he was on the elite training squad for the England team. Other teams he has played for are The Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Featherstone Rovers. 


1.Do you have a pre-game ritual?Just fuel myself correctly in the build up to the game.

2.Are you enjoying being back at Hull KR?Yes I love it

3.Are there any goals or achievements you want to reach by the end of your career?I would love to play in a major final 

4.Do you think that you will recapture the form that got you into the England team?
I hope so but I am realistic enough to know there are better players in my position

5.How does losing a game affect you and do you look to see if you could of played any better?
I always review my game to see where I could of done better, don't dwell on losses or wins too much as there is always the week after to focus on

6.Who inspired you to become a rugby player?
No one really just got took along to my amateur club by a good friend when I was 7 and never looked back

7.What would you advise young children who want to become professional rugby players?
Make correct choices away from the field and never give up on your dreams (speaking from major experience) 

8.Was it demoralising when you had to leave Hull KR and go to Featherstone or was it a big motivator for turning your life around and getting back into super league?
It was the kick up the arse I needed because I made too many wrong choices away rugby and didn't have any other interests to occupy me in my spare time

9.What do you plan to do when you stop playing rugby?
Continue with the business I already have helping people reach their health and wellness goals via great nutrition

10. If you were a coach and could have any 13 players who would make up your team?
Slater, Tupou, Watkins, Jennings, Briscoe, Carney, Cronk, Graham, Friend, Warrea Hargreaves, Williams, Westwood and Burgess

11.Does the abuse you get from Hull FC fans come across as pantomime banter or is it just nasty? 
Both some sections have serious hate and some have great banter

Big Thank You to Ben for this and you can check out his other line of work which he mentions in question 9 by clicking here

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Stuart The Bug Eating Man

No I'm not going to write about a man named Stuart who eats bugs. Ok I suppose I kind of am writing just that. You may have seen a previous post which was a review of a book called the monster book of numbers well the lovely people over at my little big town also sent this great book called Stuart the bug eating man. I thought maybe Jared would be too little to enjoy this but I was wrong he loved it, and I must admit I also really enjoyed it. The story is off a man who eats bugs, it is written in a rhyming way which I really enjoyed as you can get into a really good rhythm when reading out aloud. This is the synopsis of the book which is the back of the book to you and me. 

 Stuart would eat bugs, 
with his fork and with his knife, 
Much to the disgust, 
of Harriet his wife.

He'd munch them, and crunch them, 
legs and all. 
While they'd wriggle and squirm
and scurry and crawl 

Each page of the book has a lovely picture to accompany the story. The pictures are in black and white which I think makes it a bit better and not too distracting if you are reading to your child (must add Jared pointed a few times saying "whas sasst" meaning what is that). The story actually reminded me of a poem I liked as a child called 'Please Mrs Butler' I'm sure most of you have heard of that. I have one more little book left to tell you about but first I must finish reading it and get the girls to tell me what they thought about it. So keep your eyes open and the blog bookmarked. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Blog Birthday Giveaway

So to say a BIG THANK YOU to my readers and followers for helping me on my journey with this blog I'm doing a special giveaway. There will be 5 winners but the winners will not know what they get until it arrives at their door. I will be buying each winner a prize based on who has won. Thank you everyone for reading and just to let you know by May I should be self hosted and have a totally new design. Exciting!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Taj Aloe Vera Drink Review

Hi, I recently tried Taj Aloe Vera Drinks, If you haven't heard of it then let me describe it, Its a low sugar drink that not only gives you energy but also helps detoxify your body and boosts your immune system. I tried two flavours, Original and Strawberry. I had never really heard of this company or their product before nor have a really seen them in the shops but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for their products in future and recommending them to my friends and family. They both have a very distinct taste which I found extremely refreshing, the kind of drink you would want on a hot summers day. Both have aloe vera pulp in them. Before I tried it I was thinking the same as what most of you are thinking now. The thought of "ergh aloe vera bits in my drink" But the pulp and pulp juices compliments taste of the liquid. A little bit like fresh fruit juice has bits of pulp in them. My personal favourite was the Strawberry flavour. The taste was not overpowering to you could drink lots of it without it becoming too sweet and on the other side it wasn't too weak. The Original flavour was a taste I have never really tasted before. The initial taste was in my opinion quite sharp, but as I drank more of a mixed fruit taste. I know it probably isn't supposed to be that was the taste I was getting. Overall though I thought these product exceeded my expectations, As I said at the start of this review I will seriously be looking for these drinks in future. It is very rare that you find something that not only taste good but is also healthy, refreshing and low price

(This Picture Was Obtained From Google)

* Although This Item Was Sent To Me To Try, This In No Way Has Influenced My Opinion Of The Product

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Feeling Lucky?!

So I have had my blog for a year now and this weekend I will be writing a special little post including a give-away for you readers. While we are on the subject of give-aways I just wanted to share theses with you. 

  1. Win 1 of 2 Caketails books 
  2. Baby celebration acrylic visionblox
  3. Mac lip product of your choice
  4. £100 leisure voucher and 30 bottles of multipower fit lite
  5. Wasjig puzzle 
These are my top 5 give aways that I'm hoping I might get a win from. Good luck to all that enter and don't forget to come back over the weekend to read my Blog Birthday post and see what fab prizes you could win. 

Friday, 31 January 2014

A Special Candle

As you may have guessed by now I love anything and everything that can be personalized and made unique to me. I have a pen with my family on (even the dog), cups, T-shirts that I have designed, pillow cases. So when I saw that someone I know was making personalized candles I knew I had to get one. Sadly a few months ago my boyfriend lost his granddad who was an amazing man. I asked Correen (the lady who makes the candles) for one side to have a picture of David which is Liam's granddad, I then spent a while looking for a nice poem or quote to go on the other side. 

 These are some of the pictures of other candles that have been made they have be taken from the facebook page Cherised memory candle. I think these are fab little gifts, you don't have to have an in memory candle will valentines coming up this could make a great little gift for the one you love maybe have a nice picture of you together or if your married a picture of your wedding day. I also think these would make great little favours for a wedding, one for the bridesmaids, pageboys, best man. You can literally have a candle for any occasion this is why I love everything that can me made for you for what you want it for. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Monster Book Of Numbers Review

The people over at my little big town sent us some lovely books to read and review. One of the books we were sent was this lovely book on counting. 

We try and read to Jared as often as we can, but he normally gets bored and walks off. This book however he loves!! I think we have read it about 15 times everyday. The book uses monsters (which Jared loves and goes RAR at) to count. My favourite monster is the Quaffles they are bird like. The book is very bright and colourful but not too many contrasting colours are thrown on to a page which I like, the pages have one colour but in different shades I think this helps Jared concentrate on the book more. Although Jared still can't count thanks to the help of the book he now says Two and Four, which I guess is a good start to counting in a way. I know the monster book of numbers is just one in the collection and I think I will be buying some of the others. I would also like to add that the pages are thicker then normal and have a smooth feel to them and have not yet been ripped I'm not sure if its down to the paper or not but it's fab. Please keep checking back as we have two more books that we need to tell you about.  

All views are my own honest opinions and I have not been asked to give a good review in compensation for the books. 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Amish Chicken

I have another recipe for you lovely people. I may have mentioned this before but I'm not sure that I have but if I have then you know it must be great for me to tell you twice. This recipe I believe comes from the Amish community the first time I ever made this I was at my mums and offered to make dinner for us all they loved it so a few weeks later we went back over and I made it again and my Dad (who is super fussy) tried it for the first time and he liked it which is like. Now for my Dad to tell me that it was really nice and he would eat it again is like Gordon Ramsey coming up to you after trying your food and giving you a compliment. So here it is with guys. 

Amish Chicken

You will need Chicken you can either use full breasts of chop it up I have done it both ways it says use 6-8 pieces. 
1 Cup of flour 
2 Teaspoons of garlic powder
1 Tablespoon of salt
1 Teaspoon of pepper
2 Teaspoons of paprika 
1 and a half Cups of heavy whipping cream (I used Double cream)
1 and a half Cups of water

 Mix the flour and spices in a bowl then coat the chicken in the blended mix.
Place the coated chicken in a baking dish.
Mix the cream and water together then pour over the chicken. 
Bake in the oven on 350* for 1 hour and 30 mins. 

I served the chicken with Bow shaped pasta, unfortunately I do not have a picture of it after I had cooked it and dished it up partly because I have a silly phone and seem to have lost a few so had to grab these pictures of the ones that synced with my facebook. I'm really enjoying cooking and sharing great food with you guuys but keep reading as I have some great reviews coming up.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Fanta Chicken

A few months ago I tried a recipe involving Fanta. When I first saw the recipe I was unsure as I thought, like most people, why on earth would I put a fizzy drink in my food!! Surprisingly it was amazing and tasted just like sweet and sour chicken. The recipe is used by a lot of people that are using slimming world, I can't tell you the syns etc as I'm not very familiar with slimming world. So if you are craving a Chinese and wanting to watch the lbs or even if you are penny pinching, I would urge you to try this. 

You will need some chicken strips or chunks
An onion
330ml of Diet Fanta (Fanta zero)
3tbs of passata 
1 Veggie Oxo cube
1 tsp vinegar
Dried chilli flakes (amount depends on your requirement and taste) 
Peppers any colour 
Pineapple chunks (I don't like pineapple so left this out) 

Cook off the chicken and then add large chunks of the onion until they soften. 
Once the onion has soften add the 330ml of Fanta along with the 3tbs of passata and veggie oxo cube and vinegar. Then add in your chopped peppers and chilli flakes leave this to bubble for 20-30 mins, add pineapple chunks for the last few minuets before dishing up. 
I severed mine with rice but Liam had chips with his as he isn't a fan of rice. 

I hope you enjoy the recipe and keep and eye on my blog as I have recipes for diet coke chicken and jerk chicken coming soon. Can you tell I love chicken. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Face wash

Sorry I haven't posted much of late I have just been super busy!! 

Today I'm writing a review of 4 different face washes. For the past four months I have used four different face washes all for a month each to make the comparisons fair. I have never really suffered with spots but I started getting the odd one or two and my skin was different from how it normally is which is what prompted me to do this. 
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 I first tried Clearasil after seeing the adverts and assuming that this is what most people who get spots use I thought I would give it a go. It doesn't really have a smell as such and the texture is smooth. Unfortunately this made my skin break out in even more spots, I even got a funny rash from using it but even though it made me look terrible I still carried on using it. I personally wouldn't recommend this to but this is just because I had a reaction to it and it also made my spot situation a lot worse. However I know some people who have used this and it works fine for them. The cost for this is around £3.58 and available in most chemists, supermarkets and beauty shops.
I would give this product 4 out 10. 

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While shopping in superdrug I saw this product on offer so thought it would be great to add to my list I was originally only going to use three products. I love this it has tiny little bits in that feel great when massaging into your skin. It has a slight smell but nothing over bearing just a fresh sort of smell (I'm useless at describing smells). This helped clear up some of the spots but like with the Clearasil it did bring a few little spots out. After using this it left my skin feeling so smooth and fresh. My boyfriend also uses this and this is his favourite out of all that I have tried. The cost of this product is a bit cheaper then the Clearasil it is around £3.00. 
I would give this product 8 out of 10.

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I was sent this product to try (this in no way affects my view on the product). I was surprised at this product it had a pleasant smell and the liquid was quiet thin compared to the previous ones. The first time I used this I was really pleased as my skin was left feeling so soft, but this did nothing for my spots. In fact when I was using this my spots were less like spots they seemed to become like little blisters but not painful and when they popped I was left with a red mark and then it scabbed up which as you can imagine left me feeling crappy and ugly. Again this product could be right for you but it just wasn't for me. You can pick this up for around £2.25. 
I would give this product 6 out of 10.

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The final product I tried was Superdrugs own facial wash. As you can probably guess from the picture it smells like tea tree which I love. This has beads in that give the was a grainy texture but feels good on the skin. This is my fav product it reduces my spots leaves my skin feeling amazing fresh and smooth. If I had a cut or a spot that had been picked (I know bad of me but it was an accident) it stung a little. You can but this from Superdrug for £1.99 atm but I think this is a special price and might go back up to £2.99. 
I would give this product 9 out of 10. 

Please remember that we all have different skin and what might or might not work for me might be different for you. I wanted to do this post as I have found it difficult to find what works best for me and that the big name brands aren't always the only options which I stupidly thought for a few years lol. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and that you will try some of the products mentioned. If you already have or are currently using any of these I would love to read your thoughts on them, so just leave me a comment.