Thursday, 26 December 2013


For Christmas my Dad bought me and my sister Trinity tickets to see JLS. Obviously we had to have this early as the concert was on the Friday 20th of December in Leeds. I'm so lucky that I got to see one of their last concerts. Yes I'm 23 and no I'm not ashamed to admit that I love them. This was Trin's first proper concert also so she was really excited as she had thought she would never get to see them. 

Above is a video of Trin's reaction when my Dad told her she was going to see them. Sorry the sound isn't great but you can make out how shocked she was, and Mum Dad and Trin all cried *awww*. 

So I wanted to write this post so that Aston, Marvin, JB and Ortise could see how much they meant to their fans. I had see them before when I was in the audience of Lee Macks all star cast, and if I remember correctly JB's pants ripped during their performance. Unfortunately when I went to T4OTB in 2011 they didn't end up performing which sucked as I along with my cousins had waited since 5am to see them. I'm so glad I got to see them one last time. I know a lot of people think at 23 I shouldn't be all fan girling over JLS but come on guys Take That had fans like that before they got back together!! I hope that one day JLS will do a reunion tour with meet and greet packages please. 

I just want to say thank you JLS for all your music and beautifulness, also with helping me realise it doesn't matter how old you are you can still enjoy boy bands. You were never my guilty pleasure and I never hid my love for you, my only regret is that I never bought the meet and greets oh and didn't hang about after Lee Mack. I wish you all good luck in your new career paths always have fun and never lose the friendship you guys have. 

Thank you 

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