Monday, 2 December 2013

25 things before I'm 25!!

I recently read 22 before 22 by the lovely Alyssia and it got me thinking. In one year and 5 months I will be 25. I haven't even started ticking of things on my list, apart from the start a family checkbox. I know I'm still young and have plenty of time left but I said that at 18 and 21 so now is the time to start doing. So here is my list. 

1. Write a novel  
I love writing and I really want to write a good novel who knows it may get day. 

2.Sky Dive  
I hate flying and not a fan of heights yet I feel the need to do this hopefully I can and I may even raise some money for charity while plunging towards the ground.

3.Fill a sketch book with my drawings
I used to draw all the time mostly Anime as I think it is a beautiful way to draw.

4.Go to America
If I haven't been by the time I'm 25 then I don't think I will ever get to go :(

5.Lose weight
This needs to be sooner then later I was a lovely size 8 before having my son then in the space of a month and the pill followed by the implant I went up to a 14/16 it is slowly going but I will get back in my size 8 jeans.

6.Move house
Our house is just that a house, I want us to have something that we love and want to put effort in when it comes to decorating. 

7.Buy a car
I sold my car so we could get a house to live in and pay of some debt before Jared-David was born and I would love to have a car again. 

8.Be near the end of my Degree
I work so hard on my assignments I juggle them through housework and my son and now a job, I just hope I get that Degree. 

9.Join a Gym or Sports group
I would settle for something like martial arts I would love to get back into running but I think them days are gone. 

10.Go to concerts
When  I was younger I never got to go and see people as it was too expensive but now I can (if I save) and I want to see at least 5.

OK sounds a little boring but I want to make cakes and biscuits that are so pretty no one wants to eat them. I can do it and I'm very good at it just not enough time. 

12.Get another dog
I love my Rosie roo bear so much and I want her to have a friend. 

13.Eat more foods
Of course I mean foods that I have never really tried not just more in quantity as that would ruin number 5.

14.Make a quilt
This is something I have always wanted to do but I'm useless when it comes to sewing etc but I will just try harder. 

Now America would be nice but I would like to go back to Germany and drive it not just get on a plane.

16.Watch box sets
I'm more of a box set girl then a film girl so I want to watch more box sets 

17.Write and illustrate a childs book 
I would be happy if to do this just for my own son but would be nice to get it published. 

18.Visit family more
Kind of hard atm without a car but I want to see my family down south more.

19.Get my blog self hosted 
I plan for this to happen after my birthday in April.

20.Own more shoes
I really don't think I have enough shoes. 

21.Go out on date's with the boyfriend
Lately we don't go out as much and I miss going for dinner with him. 

22.Go on more day trips
As a family we go out when we can but I want to take Jared to see loads of things like caves and fun museums.

23.Learn how to be more artistic with my nails
I like pretty nails but I'm shockingly bad at painting them. 

24.Learn a language
In school I hated french but I would like to learn a language that would benefit me German, Polish or even Chinese. 

25.Plan my life
What can I say I like to plan things I hope to be in talks about baby number 2 when I'm 25 but time will tell. 

If you have a list I would love to have a read just leave me a comment with a link :) xx

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