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Waterstone's NaNoWriMo Challenge

November is NaNoWriMo which is national novel writing month. Great for writers and readers!! I'm one of the lucky eight bloggers to be picked to take part in Waterstone's Story Cube project. We all have a chapter to write to create a short story that I hope you will enjoy reading. Before reading my chapter I would suggest you read Chapter onetwothreefour and five. I hope you will enjoy my chapter. I hope it doesn't suck to bad!!

Chapter Six

There was a build up of questions. I needed answers and guessing from how secretive and crazy things had gotten, time wasn't on my side. 

I was across the road from the Wigwam. I wanted to go home, but knew the only way back was forward. How had I got tied up in this I was just a normal guy with a 9-5 job, now I felt more like pawn piece from a broad game. The word's that Emily spoke kept whizzing round my mind " Ed, you were chosen. The dice were rolled, and you were chosen" I hoped that I wasn't the answer to save the world!!

As I entered the Wigwam my bare fleet slapped against the cold tiled floor. What sort of bar was this? There was bizarre paintings on the wall, one painting stood out it was of a women who expressed no emotion.
 "I'd to go home to that" I thought aloud. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder "beautiful ain't they?" a man asked whilst passing me a menu. There is was again the 'Gibberish' writing of the old ways. Some sort of tribute bar, would make sense why there was weird classical music playing and of course the paintings. I approached the bar tender with caution. He worn an off white or maybe just dirty shirt with a tie that had a repeated pattern of what looked like propellers from an old style plane. Who was I to judge his clothing choices I was still wearing a smelly 'strangers' jacket and had no bare feet. 
"What's your poison?" asked the bar tender in a rough southern drawl. I explained quickly why I was here and who had sent me. He rolled up his sleeve and bared his wrist to show a tattoo. The same tattoo that had replaced the spot where my watch should be. 
"Sandra mind the bar, I got to attend to some business" Sandra gave a knowing nod. 

We walked to what looked like a storage cupboard. It was a storage cupboard, at least to the unknowing public. There was a tree drawn on the back wall, the bar tender took out a moon shaped key and inserted it into the wall. There was a click and a thin slice of light coming from behind a hidden door. I followed him through the hidden passage into a room. 
"Ed, thank god it's you"  Anna-belle flung herself at me, pulling me tight. How did she get here? Anna-Belle starting speaking in a rush all I could make out was parachuting sheep. I knew then that I was no closer to gaining any answers. "We knew they would be looking for you 'The Chosen One'. I sent some of my men know as the shadow's to get Anna-Belle. You are both needed" 
"Just wait a minuet, I don't know what is going on. I don't know who you are or what I have been chosen for. I just fix computer's and install computer programmes. It is time for some answers" I saw Anna-Belle wince she hate's when I shout. 

" Ok I can answer you this, my name is Brian. Brian Malloy" 

If you fancy a go at writing your own story with the help of the cubes you can head over here and use them online. 

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