Friday, 1 November 2013

The Cadbury Hamper Winner

WOW!! I honestly wasn't expecting so many people to enter, I was a bit upset at the start as some people had just gone onto google and took some images off there!! I was ready to just pull the plug on the whole thing when I was getting duplicate pictures one even saying that their child who has a disability had spent hours on it. That made me so angry. Any way most of you lovely people had spent time and effort on your pumpkins. Here are a few of them, wish I could show you them all but there are just too many. 


It was really hard picking a winner but someone has to win. Myself, Liam, Trinity and Molly wrote down a list of three pumpkins and we all had this one pumpkin on our list. So here is the Winner (Drumroll) 

Paul Baker and his Daughter with their False Widow Spider

Thank You all so much for sending in your pictures they were fab I wish I could give you all something but sadly I can't. I will do a special Easter competition. 


  1. Wow can't believe that some people would actually say that their disabled child made a Pumpkin that they never made. The winning pumpkin was good though :).

    1. It really upset me that someone actually went that far xx