Wednesday, 20 November 2013

PS4 Range at Gioteck

If your a gamer and still unsure if you want the new PS4 maybe this will help you decide. Now we all know every console has accessories you can buy to enhance your gaming performance or experience. You might have already heard of Gioteck if not then here is your chance to read about what they have to offer. 

They have recently announced their new PS4 accessories range. They offer a range of different headsets which cater for all kinds of gaming needs two specific types are the ones that take game sound from the TV and chat feed from the controller or, if you prefer, they offer headsets that take all sound directly from the controller. They currently stock the EX-06, EX-05, AX1, HS1 and EX-3R MH-1 and EX-03. All of these vary in price and all have great sound quality and look extremely sleek and stylish. 

From the descriptions my personnel favourite is the  new EX3-R, this is a chat only model as I personally prefer to have the game sound coming through my TV set rather that direct to my ear. It looks great and looks extremely comfortable with a very reasonable price tag of £19.99. If unlike me you enjoy playing call of duty with grenades and gunfire all around you making you feel like your in the centre of a war zone, then Gioteck will be able to cater to your fancy. 

All the other models I have mentioned all have the facility to have in game sounds direct to your headset however the EX-06 is the only wireless device, with this model you plug a USB device into your PS4 and connect the USB cables into you TV set then the game sound will be played via your headset, however if you want to hear in game chat or if you want to call your friend a "noob" then you will have to connect the headset to your controller with a simple wire, it is due to be released around about the 7th December (just in time for christmas) This model has an RRP of £69.99. 

The EX-05 is very similar however this model is wired only. As before the USB is plugged into one of the ports on the PS4 which is the connect to your controller or to the back of your TV or both if you want to hear chat and game sound (RRP £39.99). 

The AX1 (RRP £29.99) and HS1 (RRP £19.99) are both stereo headset models and arguably are the most simple and the best value for money. These don't require any connection to the PS4. The headpiece is connected via a cable direct to the controller which in turn plays all game and chat sound through the headphones. 

The MH-1 (RRP19.99) is one of the more popular models in production, it is perfect for the gamers who love to chat away to their friends while they blame "lag" for losing a game of FIFA. It has a headband and a boom mic which from my experience of using boom mic's product a very good sound quality.

 Last but not least is the EX-03, This futuristic design wouldn't look out of place on Starship Enterprise. If fits over the ear and sits perfectly in order to not cause discomfort (RRP14.99). 

So if your getting a PS4 which is tipped to be the best console then your going to need the best gear. Remember, To be the best you've got to own the best and you won't find better products and better prices than at Gioteck. Check out the products here and check out the connection diagrams here

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