Sunday, 3 November 2013


We don't go many places during the colder months. Mainly because it is cold and that can't be nice for Jared sitting in his pushchair, I don't seem to feel the cold that much. During this half term Liam had some days off work and his Mum had time off (she works in a school) so we all went out for the day. 

Ponderosa is in Heckmondwike I had heard of it but never thought to visit. The centre was set up in 1991 to help bridge the gap between disabled and able bodied people. There is a farm, a kids indoor play and plenty of outdoor play areas also. 

As it was raining when we arrived we went to soft play first. Jared loved it and so did Liam and the other adults. The best thing about having a toddler is being able to go into the play areas with them hehe. Jared wasn't a fan of the pool pit he got a bit upset in there but he loved the slides and of course the flower dome that you can see him sat in. After the kids and big kids had had their fun we had our lunch before looking around. 

For 50p you can buy a bag of food to feed some of the animals. I tried to feed the Llamas I was petrified they were going to spit at me. Instead they spat at someone who came with us. At this point I stopped feeding them and saved it for the reindeer and noisy donkey, it "eh-ored" which made me happy as I hadn't really heard them do that. We also got to see a baby Marmoset which was so cute, one of the workers was telling us how he was there when the baby was born. 

Liam wasn't a huge fan of the reptile room although the snakes were behind glass. He did however like the huge tortoise they had called Alfie. 

They also have horses, Birds of prey and even Otters which are super cute I now want a pet Otter. We had a really good day even though the weather was hit and miss at times. If Jared was a bit bigger I would of let him go on a pony ride. If you live in the area I would recommend it for a visit we had a great time and it wasn't expensive. 

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