Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Idea Of A Perfect Christmas

Merry Christmas!! This post is my entry into the tots100/Argos 12 days of Christmas competition. I will be writing it in sort of story type way. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your idea of a perfect Christmas.

It is around 6am and I am woken by a very excited boyfriend (Liam). I open my eyes and realise it's CHRISTMAS!! I get a rush of excitement. As I run over to the window I peer outside to see the ground covered in a white sheet of snow. Jared-David is happily still snoozing away unknowing that Santa has made a visit in the night. We silently creep downstairs trying not to wake the sleeping baby, we don't want a grumpy boy on Christmas day again that's for sure. 

In the kitchen I take out the pre-made pancake mix, bacon and of course golden syrup. While sipping on a coffee, the fuel for the busy day, I heat the pan and pour in some of the mixture. Once all the pancakes are made I fry some bacon. I hear the baby stirring, and Liam asking if he can wake him up. I reply with a stern No reminding him of the events of last year. We sit down with our pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and some juicy slices of bacon. Who would of thought that would be a great combination, not me! but counter to my views it is like eating a little bit of heaven. 

After being awake for over an hour I hear the baby shouting from his room "Mum, Hey, Mum" yes my one year old child really wakes up like this, while stood in his cot trying to peer round the door. I see Liam's face light up and he rushes to get Jared-David. While Jared-David eats his pancakes and drinks his orange juice not really noticing the stack of peasant's under and around the tree, I sort them into piles, it needs to be organised seems even OCD doesn't take a Christmas break. The phone rings and it is my mum telling me she will come and get us at about 12, Christmas dinner at my mums this year. Now we have all eaten it's on to unwrapping, which I love but at the same time I hate as it means not everything looks so pretty and Christmassy. We hand Jared-David his gifts that Santa has left, he also left a mess on in the kitchen of crumbs from his cookies we left out. The floor is now nicely decorated by colourful wrapping paper, if there ever was a red carpet for Santa I imagine it would look a lot like this. The main gifts are given first Jared-David's he rips of the paper with a little help from daddy while mummy take's a lot of pictures. You have to capture these little faces. Liam then open's his gift which is a shiny new games console, now for me. My gift isn't too big but also not too small as I peel the paper away from the box I see the converse logo appear, I get a little excited as I have wanted superhero converses for the past two years. The wait was over I opened the lid and looking back at me is a new pair of 'The Flash' superhero converses. I give my two boys kisses and cuddles before we snuggle down and watch a few Christmas cartoons. 

We are all dressed in our Christmas jumpers that Santa got us all, he has good taste, and wait for my mum to arrive. The fun is just getting started!! When we get to my mum's we are greeted by two very excited girls both talking as fast as they can telling us what they have got. Dad is laid on the sofa in his new T-shirt (he gets one every year) which normally has a cartoon character on and some humorous saying. The house is filled with the smell of turkey and beef. As I grab another cup of fuel Liam sorts of eveyone's gifts, still more to unwrap! 

We sit down for dinner at 3pm our plates filled with turkey, beef, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and an assortment of seasonal veg all swimming in a sea of gravy. The snow starts to fall again, out of the window it looks like a scene perfect for a Christmas card. In total I have taken 234 pictures, good job I got a photo album for Christmas. With our plates empty except from the odd sprout, I wrap Jared-David up and we explore the garden full of snow. A few snowballs are thrown, but the main mission is to build a snowman. The girls get lasts year hats and scarves to decorate the snowmen and woman, ahh the only carrots left are small, but they will do. After an hour in the snow we are all cold and retire back to the house to drink some hot chocolate and play family games, normally any board that we opened this morning. Dad reads the rules, and makes them up as he goes along. We all have our cracker hats on the tiresome jokes have been read out. As the day is ending we gather our gifts ready to go home, eyes are heavy and my fuel gage is nearing empty. A good nights sleep is needed ready for a busy boxing day which in itself will be like another Christmas day. 

So that is my ideal Christmas day I didn't want to go into too much detail and waffle on. I hope we get snow this year too. So merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a great day. I must say though writing this has only got me more excited and impatient xx 


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