Thursday, 7 November 2013


Are your men joining in with Movember?? There are plenty of Moustache styles to aim for maybe you could set a goal for your Mr. I love the horseshoe 

Although us women aren't too keen on growing a moustache we can still support the cause. You can buy a T-shirt, there are so many moustache designs out there. I have moustache print pants and I will also be doing my nails with little moustaches at the tips. 

The T-shirt you see pictured is available from a website called Tshirtstoreonline it is for sale at £30.00. But if that is pushing your budget (what with Christmas coming) then I know Primark has a good range of T-shirts, underwear and even duvet sets. 

In case you are reading this and thinking "What on earth is she rambling about?" I will explain.
Movember is an event that has taken place every November since 1999 where men grow a moustache to raise awareness of Prostate cancer. It started in Australia and is now reconsigned in several countries over the world. In 2004 the Movember Foundation charity has used Movember to raise funds for men's health issues. In 2007 they launched campaigns in Spain the UK and the USA. Everyone has a man in their life and I know most the men I know aren't to keen to go see a doctor about anything so I think Movember is a really great way to get men to think about their health issues no matter what they may be.  

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