Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I love my hair straighteners

You might remember a few posts ago back in October I told you about these Toni & Guy hair straighteners that I was sent. If you haven't read the post then you can do so by clicking here

Well I have had these for a while now and have got to grips with them. I still love them!!! They don't pull my hair or make it static which is great for me as my hair is very static prone. I don't use many hair products partly because my monthly budget doesn't allow it and also because I haven't found any that I think benefit me. I have had to use a medium heat on my hair as it was so dry and dead at the ends I thought if I used a higher setting it may burst into to flames lol. (I know that wouldn't happen). My hair was in desperate need of a cut and thanks to the world of You Tube my mum was able to do it, big risk though!! 

Here is my hair and naked face before I tended to it. 
As you can see my hair is rather wild, my face is pale (which I like) and I have big naked eyes. I stuck to my normal make up routine with my budget make up items that my sisters have ruined but I struggle on. I think the only named brand in my make up is my foundation *hangs head in shame*  With my wall paint on and the sky blue I thought today I shall make more of an effort with my mane. I sectioned my hair normally in to three layers as I find that works best for me, and got to work. Within 15-20 minutes it was done and I looked human well as human as I could be. 
This is me after a little less pale, my eyes not over dressed and my flowing locks or not locks more like straight spaghetti strands? maybe I could of came up with a better way to describe it but I'm a little off today. So if your reading and your daughter,sister,auntie girlfriend or wife has mentioned wanting some new hair straighteners then I would definitely recommend these. They are affordable, a good brand and I love them so that has to count for something right? And if they don't like them you can always blame me but I'm pretty sure that if you buys these no matter who they are for will love them.  

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