Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Idea Of A Perfect Christmas

Merry Christmas!! This post is my entry into the tots100/Argos 12 days of Christmas competition. I will be writing it in sort of story type way. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your idea of a perfect Christmas.

It is around 6am and I am woken by a very excited boyfriend (Liam). I open my eyes and realise it's CHRISTMAS!! I get a rush of excitement. As I run over to the window I peer outside to see the ground covered in a white sheet of snow. Jared-David is happily still snoozing away unknowing that Santa has made a visit in the night. We silently creep downstairs trying not to wake the sleeping baby, we don't want a grumpy boy on Christmas day again that's for sure. 

In the kitchen I take out the pre-made pancake mix, bacon and of course golden syrup. While sipping on a coffee, the fuel for the busy day, I heat the pan and pour in some of the mixture. Once all the pancakes are made I fry some bacon. I hear the baby stirring, and Liam asking if he can wake him up. I reply with a stern No reminding him of the events of last year. We sit down with our pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and some juicy slices of bacon. Who would of thought that would be a great combination, not me! but counter to my views it is like eating a little bit of heaven. 

After being awake for over an hour I hear the baby shouting from his room "Mum, Hey, Mum" yes my one year old child really wakes up like this, while stood in his cot trying to peer round the door. I see Liam's face light up and he rushes to get Jared-David. While Jared-David eats his pancakes and drinks his orange juice not really noticing the stack of peasant's under and around the tree, I sort them into piles, it needs to be organised seems even OCD doesn't take a Christmas break. The phone rings and it is my mum telling me she will come and get us at about 12, Christmas dinner at my mums this year. Now we have all eaten it's on to unwrapping, which I love but at the same time I hate as it means not everything looks so pretty and Christmassy. We hand Jared-David his gifts that Santa has left, he also left a mess on in the kitchen of crumbs from his cookies we left out. The floor is now nicely decorated by colourful wrapping paper, if there ever was a red carpet for Santa I imagine it would look a lot like this. The main gifts are given first Jared-David's he rips of the paper with a little help from daddy while mummy take's a lot of pictures. You have to capture these little faces. Liam then open's his gift which is a shiny new games console, now for me. My gift isn't too big but also not too small as I peel the paper away from the box I see the converse logo appear, I get a little excited as I have wanted superhero converses for the past two years. The wait was over I opened the lid and looking back at me is a new pair of 'The Flash' superhero converses. I give my two boys kisses and cuddles before we snuggle down and watch a few Christmas cartoons. 

We are all dressed in our Christmas jumpers that Santa got us all, he has good taste, and wait for my mum to arrive. The fun is just getting started!! When we get to my mum's we are greeted by two very excited girls both talking as fast as they can telling us what they have got. Dad is laid on the sofa in his new T-shirt (he gets one every year) which normally has a cartoon character on and some humorous saying. The house is filled with the smell of turkey and beef. As I grab another cup of fuel Liam sorts of eveyone's gifts, still more to unwrap! 

We sit down for dinner at 3pm our plates filled with turkey, beef, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and an assortment of seasonal veg all swimming in a sea of gravy. The snow starts to fall again, out of the window it looks like a scene perfect for a Christmas card. In total I have taken 234 pictures, good job I got a photo album for Christmas. With our plates empty except from the odd sprout, I wrap Jared-David up and we explore the garden full of snow. A few snowballs are thrown, but the main mission is to build a snowman. The girls get lasts year hats and scarves to decorate the snowmen and woman, ahh the only carrots left are small, but they will do. After an hour in the snow we are all cold and retire back to the house to drink some hot chocolate and play family games, normally any board that we opened this morning. Dad reads the rules, and makes them up as he goes along. We all have our cracker hats on the tiresome jokes have been read out. As the day is ending we gather our gifts ready to go home, eyes are heavy and my fuel gage is nearing empty. A good nights sleep is needed ready for a busy boxing day which in itself will be like another Christmas day. 

So that is my ideal Christmas day I didn't want to go into too much detail and waffle on. I hope we get snow this year too. So merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have a great day. I must say though writing this has only got me more excited and impatient xx 


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Waterstone's NaNoWriMo Challenge

November is NaNoWriMo which is national novel writing month. Great for writers and readers!! I'm one of the lucky eight bloggers to be picked to take part in Waterstone's Story Cube project. We all have a chapter to write to create a short story that I hope you will enjoy reading. Before reading my chapter I would suggest you read Chapter onetwothreefour and five. I hope you will enjoy my chapter. I hope it doesn't suck to bad!!

Chapter Six

There was a build up of questions. I needed answers and guessing from how secretive and crazy things had gotten, time wasn't on my side. 

I was across the road from the Wigwam. I wanted to go home, but knew the only way back was forward. How had I got tied up in this I was just a normal guy with a 9-5 job, now I felt more like pawn piece from a broad game. The word's that Emily spoke kept whizzing round my mind " Ed, you were chosen. The dice were rolled, and you were chosen" I hoped that I wasn't the answer to save the world!!

As I entered the Wigwam my bare fleet slapped against the cold tiled floor. What sort of bar was this? There was bizarre paintings on the wall, one painting stood out it was of a women who expressed no emotion.
 "I'd to go home to that" I thought aloud. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder "beautiful ain't they?" a man asked whilst passing me a menu. There is was again the 'Gibberish' writing of the old ways. Some sort of tribute bar, would make sense why there was weird classical music playing and of course the paintings. I approached the bar tender with caution. He worn an off white or maybe just dirty shirt with a tie that had a repeated pattern of what looked like propellers from an old style plane. Who was I to judge his clothing choices I was still wearing a smelly 'strangers' jacket and had no bare feet. 
"What's your poison?" asked the bar tender in a rough southern drawl. I explained quickly why I was here and who had sent me. He rolled up his sleeve and bared his wrist to show a tattoo. The same tattoo that had replaced the spot where my watch should be. 
"Sandra mind the bar, I got to attend to some business" Sandra gave a knowing nod. 

We walked to what looked like a storage cupboard. It was a storage cupboard, at least to the unknowing public. There was a tree drawn on the back wall, the bar tender took out a moon shaped key and inserted it into the wall. There was a click and a thin slice of light coming from behind a hidden door. I followed him through the hidden passage into a room. 
"Ed, thank god it's you"  Anna-belle flung herself at me, pulling me tight. How did she get here? Anna-Belle starting speaking in a rush all I could make out was parachuting sheep. I knew then that I was no closer to gaining any answers. "We knew they would be looking for you 'The Chosen One'. I sent some of my men know as the shadow's to get Anna-Belle. You are both needed" 
"Just wait a minuet, I don't know what is going on. I don't know who you are or what I have been chosen for. I just fix computer's and install computer programmes. It is time for some answers" I saw Anna-Belle wince she hate's when I shout. 

" Ok I can answer you this, my name is Brian. Brian Malloy" 

If you fancy a go at writing your own story with the help of the cubes you can head over here and use them online. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

PS4 Range at Gioteck

If your a gamer and still unsure if you want the new PS4 maybe this will help you decide. Now we all know every console has accessories you can buy to enhance your gaming performance or experience. You might have already heard of Gioteck if not then here is your chance to read about what they have to offer. 

They have recently announced their new PS4 accessories range. They offer a range of different headsets which cater for all kinds of gaming needs two specific types are the ones that take game sound from the TV and chat feed from the controller or, if you prefer, they offer headsets that take all sound directly from the controller. They currently stock the EX-06, EX-05, AX1, HS1 and EX-3R MH-1 and EX-03. All of these vary in price and all have great sound quality and look extremely sleek and stylish. 

From the descriptions my personnel favourite is the  new EX3-R, this is a chat only model as I personally prefer to have the game sound coming through my TV set rather that direct to my ear. It looks great and looks extremely comfortable with a very reasonable price tag of £19.99. If unlike me you enjoy playing call of duty with grenades and gunfire all around you making you feel like your in the centre of a war zone, then Gioteck will be able to cater to your fancy. 

All the other models I have mentioned all have the facility to have in game sounds direct to your headset however the EX-06 is the only wireless device, with this model you plug a USB device into your PS4 and connect the USB cables into you TV set then the game sound will be played via your headset, however if you want to hear in game chat or if you want to call your friend a "noob" then you will have to connect the headset to your controller with a simple wire, it is due to be released around about the 7th December (just in time for christmas) This model has an RRP of £69.99. 

The EX-05 is very similar however this model is wired only. As before the USB is plugged into one of the ports on the PS4 which is the connect to your controller or to the back of your TV or both if you want to hear chat and game sound (RRP £39.99). 

The AX1 (RRP £29.99) and HS1 (RRP £19.99) are both stereo headset models and arguably are the most simple and the best value for money. These don't require any connection to the PS4. The headpiece is connected via a cable direct to the controller which in turn plays all game and chat sound through the headphones. 

The MH-1 (RRP19.99) is one of the more popular models in production, it is perfect for the gamers who love to chat away to their friends while they blame "lag" for losing a game of FIFA. It has a headband and a boom mic which from my experience of using boom mic's product a very good sound quality.

 Last but not least is the EX-03, This futuristic design wouldn't look out of place on Starship Enterprise. If fits over the ear and sits perfectly in order to not cause discomfort (RRP14.99). 

So if your getting a PS4 which is tipped to be the best console then your going to need the best gear. Remember, To be the best you've got to own the best and you won't find better products and better prices than at Gioteck. Check out the products here and check out the connection diagrams here

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Preemie Awareness Day

Today is world premature Awareness day, where the whole world can focus on the problem of babies being born too early. I always knew babies could be early but I never really thought of it, when growing up everyone I knew who had babies just had them. Now I am older and a little bit more wiser I understand now just how serious the problem is. In 2012 I gave birth to my son Jared-David (18 months) this is our story of our preemie baby boy. 

I was 28 weeks pregnant and on the Monday I had a midwife appointment, I had a concern as my son's head felt really low down and it was more annoying then painful. As I told my midwife she wrote a few things down then said "It is nothing you will be fine, just go home and I will see you when I get back from my holiday" she didn't even examine me. I think maybe if she did then things might have been different. I didn't want to rush off to hospital as he was still kicking me and rolling about, I had thought to myself if he is still this low down in two days I will go to hospital. 

In the early hours (2/3am) of Thursday the 24th of May I woke up with bad pains across my belly, the pains felt like I just really needed a poo. I tried to get back to sleep but I was so uncomfortable and in pain. I finally woke Liam up and told him that I had been having these pains for about two hours he told me "Don't worry they will be them braxton things" I let him go back to sleep until 5am when I couldn't stand it anymore. I told Liam to go get some money out for a Taxi while I rang my mum who talked some sense into me going in an ambulance. The Ambulance got to my house at 6am and I got pain relief (I hugged the canister of gas and air all the way to the hospital). At this point I had no idea what was going on or that I was going to have my baby. I was petrified that I was going to lose my boy who I had felt kicking me and doing somersaults. We got to the hospital and to the maternity ward at about 6 (still hugging the gas and air). I was taken into a room, a trainee midwife was trying to find the babies heartbeat, I kept asking what was happening? is everything ok? is my baby dead? My question went unanswered and they told me my baby was coming and I needed to be taken to the labour room. The canister of gas and air was now all gone and I was sucking on nothing for about two minutes until I got into the labour room. My recollection of this is still fuzzy as I was away with the fairies a bit. Liam was sat in a corner and there was lots of Doctors, Midwives and Nurses in the room. There was what looked like a tortoise table in the room. At 6:20am my waters broke and at 6:24 my little boy was born. I still had no idea what was going. Liam has told me I kept saying sorry to the midwives for covering them in lets just say stuff. I heard a little cry and I knew my boy was ok he was alive and that was amazing. 

I didn't get to see my son for a couple of hours, I had a few problems and they wanted to make sure I was stable enough first. When I was ready we were taken round to see our little boy, I didn't know what to expect but as silly as it sounds I thought he would just be in a cot sleeping like most babies are when they have been born. What I saw scared me, he was in a room right near the nurses station so they could see him and get to him quickly if they needed. He was in an incubator called the giraffe, we were told he needed to be in this as it did everything and allowed them to monitor him without touching him. He had a tube down his throat and wires going through his belly button, machines bleeped constantly and numbers changed I just wanted to get away from it all. I couldn't stand there and watch my son possibly die!! I got better with dealing with the machines. Jared-David was in hospital for 12 weeks in that time he had had his heart massaged and several blood transfusions, he was on reliant on oxygen until the day before he came home. 

We always get asked how we managed with what was happening to our son. I don't know how we did we just did. The nurses helped and kept us informed on everything. We were also given a little diary that they had made so we and the nurses could fill in what progress Jared was making (It's an awesome keep sake and helped us a lot). We also had visitors which broke down the long 12 hours we would spend sitting next to his incubator. Some days I didn't go, I just couldn't face the constant beeping of machines and lack of privacy. I just wanted to hold my son without there being nurses looking at me and other parents, I wanted to read him a story without others hearing me. I could write for hours about our journey but I will leave it there. Please if any mum's or dad's are reading this going through what we did and just want someone to talk to about this situation then e-mail me ( I will always do my best to help you the best I can. 

 That is Jared-David when he was first born and him this morning. Have a good day everyone and if you can pop on to the bliss website and give a donation. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Formoline L112

Have you heard about Formoline L112? No? Well I will tell you all about and how 10 of you lovely readers will win a pack of 48 Formoline L112 48 tablets. 

Formoline L112 is the number 1 selling slimming product in Germany. Results show a possible weight loss of 15lbs (7kg) in a 4 week period. Formoline also gives a feeling of fullness which means you consume fewer calories, which is great if your a picker like me. 

Formoline L112 is suitable if your a diabetic as there is no carbohydrate exchange value and it can also help lower cholesterol intake. Whether you want to use Formonline as part of a weight loss regime or even for occasional use when keeping count of your calories is a little bit more tricky, it will help with your overall intake of fat. 

By using a naturally derived fibre that binds with fats, Formoline L112 reduces the overall calorie intake from food by removing a significant proportion of dietary fats at source, in the stomach. Unlike some fat-binding supplements formoline doesn't require you to be close to a toilet all day long. It works specifically on fats (not sugar-based foods or carbohydrates) so is most effective when calories are derived from a diet rich in processed foods that contain large amounts of saturated fats and trans fats. 

Formline L112 costs £24.95 for 48 tablets and is available from pharmacies and health food shops nationwide or on 

So if you fancy a chance of winning a box then use the rafflecoptor below. There is also a code for £10 off just enter SLIM112 when ordering online the code will only work if purchasing Formoline. Good Luck   

The Winners have now be notified by e-mail Thank you all for entering x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I love my hair straighteners

You might remember a few posts ago back in October I told you about these Toni & Guy hair straighteners that I was sent. If you haven't read the post then you can do so by clicking here

Well I have had these for a while now and have got to grips with them. I still love them!!! They don't pull my hair or make it static which is great for me as my hair is very static prone. I don't use many hair products partly because my monthly budget doesn't allow it and also because I haven't found any that I think benefit me. I have had to use a medium heat on my hair as it was so dry and dead at the ends I thought if I used a higher setting it may burst into to flames lol. (I know that wouldn't happen). My hair was in desperate need of a cut and thanks to the world of You Tube my mum was able to do it, big risk though!! 

Here is my hair and naked face before I tended to it. 
As you can see my hair is rather wild, my face is pale (which I like) and I have big naked eyes. I stuck to my normal make up routine with my budget make up items that my sisters have ruined but I struggle on. I think the only named brand in my make up is my foundation *hangs head in shame*  With my wall paint on and the sky blue I thought today I shall make more of an effort with my mane. I sectioned my hair normally in to three layers as I find that works best for me, and got to work. Within 15-20 minutes it was done and I looked human well as human as I could be. 
This is me after a little less pale, my eyes not over dressed and my flowing locks or not locks more like straight spaghetti strands? maybe I could of came up with a better way to describe it but I'm a little off today. So if your reading and your daughter,sister,auntie girlfriend or wife has mentioned wanting some new hair straighteners then I would definitely recommend these. They are affordable, a good brand and I love them so that has to count for something right? And if they don't like them you can always blame me but I'm pretty sure that if you buys these no matter who they are for will love them.  

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Competition

How magical is Christmas? 

I love Christmas, the excitement leading up to it, Christmas eve. I just love it. 
One thing that I think makes Christmas that extra magical for kids is Santa and his Reindeer. You leave some cookies and beer/milk out for Santa and some nice crunchy carrots for his Reindeer's, and in the morning you wake up to a pile of colourful gifts and a bulging stocking. The cookies and carrots are gone!! 

Last year Santa left my little boy a letter. He was only 8 months old so he didn't really understand what was going on but we did and I got excited that he was left a letter from the bearded man himself. Have your children ever got one of these letters? If not then now is your chance. 

I'm giving away 1 Letter from Santa, If you win I will need to contact you for some information to pass on to the Jolly Santa himself so make sure you let me know how to contact you. Good Luck all xx
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 7 November 2013


Are your men joining in with Movember?? There are plenty of Moustache styles to aim for maybe you could set a goal for your Mr. I love the horseshoe 

Although us women aren't too keen on growing a moustache we can still support the cause. You can buy a T-shirt, there are so many moustache designs out there. I have moustache print pants and I will also be doing my nails with little moustaches at the tips. 

The T-shirt you see pictured is available from a website called Tshirtstoreonline it is for sale at £30.00. But if that is pushing your budget (what with Christmas coming) then I know Primark has a good range of T-shirts, underwear and even duvet sets. 

In case you are reading this and thinking "What on earth is she rambling about?" I will explain.
Movember is an event that has taken place every November since 1999 where men grow a moustache to raise awareness of Prostate cancer. It started in Australia and is now reconsigned in several countries over the world. In 2004 the Movember Foundation charity has used Movember to raise funds for men's health issues. In 2007 they launched campaigns in Spain the UK and the USA. Everyone has a man in their life and I know most the men I know aren't to keen to go see a doctor about anything so I think Movember is a really great way to get men to think about their health issues no matter what they may be.  

Sunday, 3 November 2013


We don't go many places during the colder months. Mainly because it is cold and that can't be nice for Jared sitting in his pushchair, I don't seem to feel the cold that much. During this half term Liam had some days off work and his Mum had time off (she works in a school) so we all went out for the day. 

Ponderosa is in Heckmondwike I had heard of it but never thought to visit. The centre was set up in 1991 to help bridge the gap between disabled and able bodied people. There is a farm, a kids indoor play and plenty of outdoor play areas also. 

As it was raining when we arrived we went to soft play first. Jared loved it and so did Liam and the other adults. The best thing about having a toddler is being able to go into the play areas with them hehe. Jared wasn't a fan of the pool pit he got a bit upset in there but he loved the slides and of course the flower dome that you can see him sat in. After the kids and big kids had had their fun we had our lunch before looking around. 

For 50p you can buy a bag of food to feed some of the animals. I tried to feed the Llamas I was petrified they were going to spit at me. Instead they spat at someone who came with us. At this point I stopped feeding them and saved it for the reindeer and noisy donkey, it "eh-ored" which made me happy as I hadn't really heard them do that. We also got to see a baby Marmoset which was so cute, one of the workers was telling us how he was there when the baby was born. 

Liam wasn't a huge fan of the reptile room although the snakes were behind glass. He did however like the huge tortoise they had called Alfie. 

They also have horses, Birds of prey and even Otters which are super cute I now want a pet Otter. We had a really good day even though the weather was hit and miss at times. If Jared was a bit bigger I would of let him go on a pony ride. If you live in the area I would recommend it for a visit we had a great time and it wasn't expensive. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Cadbury Hamper Winner

WOW!! I honestly wasn't expecting so many people to enter, I was a bit upset at the start as some people had just gone onto google and took some images off there!! I was ready to just pull the plug on the whole thing when I was getting duplicate pictures one even saying that their child who has a disability had spent hours on it. That made me so angry. Any way most of you lovely people had spent time and effort on your pumpkins. Here are a few of them, wish I could show you them all but there are just too many. 


It was really hard picking a winner but someone has to win. Myself, Liam, Trinity and Molly wrote down a list of three pumpkins and we all had this one pumpkin on our list. So here is the Winner (Drumroll) 

Paul Baker and his Daughter with their False Widow Spider

Thank You all so much for sending in your pictures they were fab I wish I could give you all something but sadly I can't. I will do a special Easter competition.