Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The petition against Thorpe Park

I have just read about a student nurse who wants an attraction at Thorpe Park to be closed. I'm sorry but what is going wrong in the world!! I don't know maybe it is me. I see a lot now a days where we can't do this or shouldn't do that in case in upsets someone or causes offence. 

I have depression which is a form of mental illness and mental illness is a common thing now but do we really need to go as far as shutting things down and banning certain costumes?? Also where does it stop?? Do we stop making/watching horror films with psychotic characters, stop soaps from having mentally unstable characters. And of course their are experience days now where you can have these sort of experiences. 

Why do people feel the need to ruin some harmless fun for people? I think we are all aware that people who suffer with mental illnesses don't all run around waving axe's trying to cut you open so they can wear your skin. We all need to lighten up, live a little and just laugh. I do not think this Asylum Maze attraction is stigmatising mental illness at all, and to be honest some days I do feel like running around waving an axe around shouting but we all have days like that. I think Miss Sutton seems to forget that attractions are based on the films we see and we are not all stupid to think that mentally ill people act in this way. My message to this women is simple "live a little it's ok to smile and laugh some even say it is fun"

What do you think about this?