Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Barcelona Blogger Challenge

I came across this challenge and thought, I'm going to have a go at this. I haven't been on Holiday since 2004!! It's been a really tough two years for me. So If I was to win the trip to Barcelona here is what I would spend my days doing and where I would go, of course I would take Liam with me because we have never been away together and it would be nice to just be a couple rather then a mum and dad all the time. 

Day One
I'm not one for lounging in the sun and drinking all day. Still a trip away is a time for relaxing I would like to walk around find a nice local restaurant where I could try some new foods. I have read there is a nice little shopping centre called Maremagnum. It has been created out of the old docks so it would be nice to see how much of the original features have been kept also a bit of gift shopping can be done here. I also read about a flea market "Els Encants Velles" it is the biggest of it's kind in Barcelona and I love a good bargain. I think a must when visiting any country is transport so I would look around in advance for scooter hire or tour buses that go by here. 

Day Two 
Time to explore and see what Barcelona has to offer (who knows I may never leave). With all places that attract tourists there are many tours. I normally like to know a bit about the place I am visiting so a tour is perfect, they give you great recommendations too. Although there are loads in the city, I would like to go beyond the city see the surrounding towns/villages. I found a little tour that takes you to the Pyrenees Mountains after looking at pictures, this is a must!! Our world is beautiful we take it for granted, we spend ages looking at pictures and thinking that looks nice. So after looking at pictures and thinking that looks nice I would have to go and see for myself. After the day of hiking around and filling my camera with thousands of pictures I would like a nice relaxing evening, catch a show in one of the bars. 

Day Three
I asked Liam what he would like to do if we were to visit Barcelona. I was surprised to hear him say that he would like to go scuba diving. I'm not a huge fan but I guess I could do this for an hour or two and I did make him hike in the Pyrenees mountains. Like I said I think a holiday should be spent seeing and doing not just catching a tan but a few hours on the beach won't hurt. Liam also said one thing we lack on our list to do so far is have a dance and a drink. So off to a bar for Tapas, Sangeria and Flamenco dancing, again I have looked online to see what I could find and Tablao Cordobes has all of this, Taxi!!

Day Four
It's the last day we need to get a few more things done time has gone to fast. I want to gain something from this trip so I will go and have a belly dancing lesson (I have more then enough belly to dance with) and Liam can spend his morning on a segway tour. I reckon he would love this it's not to boring (meaning he doesn't have to walk) and he can see a bit more of the beauty the city has to offer. We never get much time together to be a couple or to just enjoy spending time together. I'm always stressed with Uni work, house work and looking after a child all day and Liam is stuck in an office all day. Time for some de stressing before we head back to rainy England. Hammam and massage should do the job nicely after reading about this I'm about ready to board a plane. 

So that is my idea of a great trip with Liam, not to everyone's liking but we all like different things. I may not have picked 100s of things to do, why? Simply because I don't want to rush my visit. I want to save some for another visit and just enjoy my time rather then rushing it all. I have spent some time looking at what I would like to do, of course there would still be some time in there for me to visit some more shops and pick up some great souvenirs.      

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