Friday, 13 September 2013

The winner is

Wow so many of you entered the giveaway I hope in the future I can bring my readers more giveaways maybe a Christmas themed one? I have thought of a hamper I could make up just trying to see if any local farm shops would donate a few bits and bobs. If not then I will still make a little one up. 

As you will know from reading the last post I'm using one of the products that is sold buy Natural Beauty Slimming. Since starting slimtex on Monday I have already lost 3-4 Lbs which has made me happy, I have also had a great boost in my energy. I run around after a one year old and lose sleep so normally ready for bed by 9, but with these I don't feel as tired on a night. I find it hard drinking so much water but I try and make sure I have a glass an hour. I hoping to buy the wraps soon I have seen some of the results people have posted also you can use it on your chin which I need to do. The chin is my post problematic area it just never shifts I have spent a lot in the past of chin exercise machines, creams and other useless items. A must when trying to lose weight is determination and willpower you can't solely rely on supplements. You need to keep it up to because when that weight is off you need to be able to keep it off. Make a plan learn new recipes that are full of flavour and are good for you, many people myself included try to just not eat chocolate or crisps and the takeaway food. A lot of pre made sauces you can buy are just as bad, making your food from scratch seems like a chore but some are quick and easy also if you have a slow cooker you barely cooking at all. Thank you all for entering and I hope you can be a regular reader I blog about all sorts so there is normally something for everyone to read. Also a huge thank you to Nicola for letting me host this giveaway and for setting up Natural Beauty Slimming because this is the friendliest group I have found so far and the products don't make me ill like the previous I tried.

So here is the winner Ruth Willoughby Wright well done I will pass your name on to Nicola and if you could message her on the Natural Beauty Slimming facebook page let her know that you won the giveaway on my blog and she will sort it all out for you. Once again thank you everyone.

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  1. I love Christmas giveaways :D Was just calling by to say thank you for entering mine

    Louise x

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