Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Another trip to the Buffet

A while ago I got accepted to be a taste-maker for The Red Hot World Buffet. Now some of you may have read a previous post of mine when I visited the restaurant if you thank you and if not don't worry I will tell you all about the place here. One of the perks of being a taste-maker is that every quarter I get to have a complimentary meal for two at one of their restaurants. Sunday was that day!  

I have had a pretty stressful week my emotions are very stressed and angry, so I booked the table for Liam and me. We dropped Jared off at his Nanna's and jumped on the bus to Leeds. We had a walk around until we went to the buffet. After a while we got bored so we went to buffet early we thought we would have a few drinks then get seated but luckily they could seat us half an hour early. The seating areas are sort of in three parts there is an area that is right next to the buffet then one is slightly further back then the other is the furthest away but closer to the toilet. Anyway we sat down and ordered our drinks Liam had a San Miguel I thought I would go all crazy and have a Magners (I hardly drink so this is now classed as crazy for me). I honestly love this place just because there is food for everyone. It makes choosing where to eat a whole lot easier. We had about three plates of food each then a couple of trips up for pudding (my fav). 

Leeds is the only place lucky enough to have one of these restaurants here is where the rest of them are

  • Cardiff
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Milton Keynes
  • Northampton 
  • Nottingham
If you go to their website (click here) you can sign up to receive updates and by doing this you get a free drink when you visit. You can also look at the menu's and see what cocktails they offer and then you can book your table. 
Here are just a few pictures from Sunday

You ask the guy to pose and he acts silly he is always silly don't think I have many pictures of him actually looking normal lol.

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