Monday, 30 September 2013

Your having a laugh

I thought I would cheer myself up by looking at funny news stories over the past few weeks, while I was reading some and having a giggle. I thought I would make a post about what is going on in our wonderful world. So if you have the Monday blues take five and have a read of these. 

A fun loving biker asks mourners to pay tribute wearing fancy dress (Metro online) 
I loved this story, Mr Gary Pattison who died five days after a collision had left some instructions for his friends and family to follow. He asked that people wear fancy dress and that any of his savings were to go behind the bar. When he left his instructions at the end he quoted the warner brothers "In the words of Warner Brothers, "That's all folks!" Enjoy and do me proud". I just thought this was a nice story if you go on the Metro website you can see pictures and read the full story. 

Did any of you see the story about the creepy clown in Northampton?? Well he is now selling merchandise to raise money so he can travel around the country. I know he is creepy looking but I think it's funny, life can be too serious so it's nice to see that some people can still have fun and make people laugh (even with a scary clown face) lets all buy a T-shirt and hope he comes to a town near you. (Full story on the mirror website) 

Does anyone else think that wearing animal print while visiting zoo's is inappropriate? or causes the animals to become confused? I think this is a silly story and that Chessington is being a bit silly. They have banned certain animal print clothing to prevent the animals reacting to the visitors. Now surely they are going to notice a person in bright pink, yellow, blue and all other colours which could also cause them to react. If you look at past animal attacks the people have been wearing normal clothes, and weren't dressed as a tiger prancing about. Another health and safety thing gone crazy. I wonder if I wore a white dress with black spots if dalmatians would get excited to see me and throw advances my way? just a thought. (Story on the sky news website) 

I'm sure there is a need for this App but apparently the people in Iceland seem to think so. There is an app that makes sure they don't date their own family. Because immigration is low over in Iceland when they trace their family history most find out that they are related to each other. I'm still not convinced that there is a need for this App though, I mean is it wrong 10th cousins to marry? In my eyes no not really as they aren't really family are they I guess I would have to read into it more but I think this odd and funny because the news is basically saying it is the most inbred country in the world. (BBC news website)

I guess this is sort of funny but one of them that you shouldn't laugh at. This man is gardening next thing has an axe yes an AXE!! in his head. Crazy. It gets crazier, he slows the bleeding down and off he trots to the bus stop!! Now if I was a bus driver I think I would ring an ambulance for the man seeing as he has a bandage wrapped around his head. Anyway Sheldon (Axe man) gets on the bus to the hospital. He had missed his brain but it was close please please please read this story it is such a funny one and the guy is so lucky aswell. 

If you have read some funny things then leave me a link or tell me in the comments. I read every comment and love hearing from you. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

3 Fab Books

I never liked reading. I used to hate it, thought it was to geeky and people would make fun of me if I picked up a book. Over the past few years I have read lots of books. I have my favourite authors like all book lovers do. I tend to stick with the same type of books but I would like to read other genres too. About a month ago I was at a car-boot sale and found a book called Broken by Karin Slaughter. 

I started reading this and instantly hated one of the main characters (Sara). I found her selfish and just not a very nice person. The story was actually ok and it wasn't until I was about three quarters of the way through that I realised it was a second book in a series of three. This annoyed me because I have this weird OCD thing where everything has to be in order or else I find it difficult to concentrate etc. So I bought the other two books. Here is my thought on the books and what they are about without ruining it for you.

Genesis is the first one. In this book you meet the characters Will who I couldn't help but love, Sara I still hate her, Amanda and Faith. They are the main people obviously as with any book you have your strangler characters (by this I mean everyone else). I really enjoyed this one. A girl is hit by a car but her injuries show that she has been abused for at least week. A cave/dungeon torture chamber is found and leads to the GBI trying to find the bad guy or women. As clues are found so are more dead bodies. The GBI aren't really liked by the police which also causes a bit of trouble. I don't know if this actually happens in the real world but if it did I would be disgusted, if a crime is committed it shouldn't matter who is and who was investigating as long as the criminal is found.

Broken is the one you want to read next, this is where the lovely Will goes to Sara's home town after a prisoner killed himself in his cell. The local police again aren't happy with the GBI showing up and taking over and not just because of their pride getting the better of them. You meet Lena in this book and this is the women Sara blames for everything in her life ending the way it did. I can't explain how much I actually hate Sara if she was real I really wouldn't expect her to have many friends. I hope I'm not the only one who feels like this towards her? You can see in this book that there is a progressing story within this series of books and that the crimes are more of a sideline.

Ahhh the last one Fallen, I have just finished this one and I love Will and feel so sorry for him. I don't know what to say about this one without giving too much away. So I will just say Amanda, Faith and Will are pushed for time. There are secrets everywhere and when you find out what's going on you might have a similar reaction to mine which was "I should of seen that, how did I not see that". Of course the crime is just one of the stories in this book you have the on going story of Faith Will and Sara too. 

I just want to say as much as I enjoyed the books a few things annoyed me, I would like to hear if any of you feel the same or maybe you disliked something else. I have read a few book series in my time now what annoyed me with this series is how Karin wrote the background of the characters in every book I thought this was unnecessary and I found my self skipping parts so I didn't have to bore myself with the same information about Will or Sara. I was also a bit cheesed off that diabetes and dyslexia were treated like some sort of disability that affects your life so much. Don't get me wrong I understand with diabetes it is a serious thing and you do need to keep an eye on your levels etc just thought it could of been handle a bit better in the book. Now the dyslexia mentioned in the book annoyed me, it was wrote about like it was some disease that meant you couldn't live a normal life. I think it annoyed me more that it gets referred to and implies that the character is disabled. I have a sister and a friend who are dyslexic, they live fine and it is no where near as bad as it is made out to be. 

If you have read these books I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about the story the characters and Karin herself. I do read all comments and respond to comments if I can (some times I don't know what to say back) but I read them all and appreciate you commenting.    MRPCompetition

Friday, 20 September 2013

What is Teespring?

I have been asked to review this website called Teespring. Teespring is an online company that lets you design a T-shirt and sell it online. There are a few places that offer a similar service but with Teespring you don't have to pay anything up front and you don't need to order 100 T-shirts in different sizes ready to sell on your page. You design your T-shirt on their website, which is really easy I had a play about and made some pretty cool looking Tee's. You can add text and pictures to you T-shirt, they have a selection of images that you can use or you can upload your own image. I really like that you can make it so personal. 

That is a little design I did just to show you how easy it is. On the right hand side you can choose the quality of the material of the T-shirt and in the drop down box you can choose the style like tank-top, hoody etc. The colour strip is where you choose the colour of the T-shirt. After you have perfected your design you move onto the next step, this is where you set your goal where you select how many needs to be purchased before they are printed. It tells you the price for each t-shirt which you can change so say they set the price as 7.50 you could change it to 10.50. It also shows you what profit you will make from this. 

So the last section is giving information on why you are selling these t-shirts and how long for. I have had a little look at some of the reasons/campaigns on why they are selling their T-shirts and what the cause is for. This is simply fundraising the easiest way possible, you get your on link to your t-shirt on their site and you can post it everywhere. I have popped a few links so you can have a look at some of the ones people have done.

*This is a sponsored post*

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Halloween food

My mum and me are doing a Halloween party this year so we have spent a couple of hours finding some great spooky food. I know some people don't do Halloween but I personally love it I see no harm in it at all (unless you live on Jason's street). I love getting dressed up and I stick to getting dressed up as something spooky not the classic 'Dead School Girl' or 'Cat Costume'. If anything girls should take advantage that for one day of the year they can look crappy and unattractive and people won't judge because Halloween isn't meant to be sexy!! 

Anyway on with the food!!!!

The latest cake craze is cake pops so I have found little idea on the BBC food website where you turn cake pops into an eyeball. All you need to do is make your cake pop as normal then decorate it to look like an eyeball. I think this is a really simple idea that the kids will love you even try and put a jam in the middle so that when they bite into the cake it's like it is oozing into their mouth just like a real eye. Cookies and biscuits are great I have some cookie cutters shaped like a dead person crime scene (hope that makes sense) so I can do a few of them slap a bit of icing on and hey presto Halloween biscuits. 

Jelly is another really simple one to make and while using my fav shopping place online (ebay) I found these moulds. I love them but at the same time make me feel a bit queasy. Fab aren't they!!
A healthy party foodie is apples, we were going to do the whole apple bobbing but thought maybe not because of the face paints people might have on. My mum found these things called apple bites you cut a wedge from the apple then use almonds to push into the apple to make teeth. They do look good. Cheese sticks are good too as you can create them to look like a finger my adding a almond fingernail.

I have always wanted to try pumpkin pie and this year is the year I will. There is a shop in Aldershot that sells american groceries and they do the pumpkin pie filling so I will be ordering some off the website and trying the pie out before using it at the party. They also sell some other Halloween american candy etc etc. 

This post is kind of short and sweet but tomorrow I'm off to get some Halloween bits and bobs so look for my Halloween Haul post. Please leave a comment I read them all and love hearing from you all and seeing suggestions, talking of suggestion costume ideas anyone. I want it scary looking bit not really expensive. Also I will be running a competition for best pumpkin face, it will be open to all of you from any country and if you win you get a surprize basically a surprise prezzie and all you have to do is carve your pumpkin email me your pictures and I will pick with the help of my two little sisters the best one. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

The winner is

Wow so many of you entered the giveaway I hope in the future I can bring my readers more giveaways maybe a Christmas themed one? I have thought of a hamper I could make up just trying to see if any local farm shops would donate a few bits and bobs. If not then I will still make a little one up. 

As you will know from reading the last post I'm using one of the products that is sold buy Natural Beauty Slimming. Since starting slimtex on Monday I have already lost 3-4 Lbs which has made me happy, I have also had a great boost in my energy. I run around after a one year old and lose sleep so normally ready for bed by 9, but with these I don't feel as tired on a night. I find it hard drinking so much water but I try and make sure I have a glass an hour. I hoping to buy the wraps soon I have seen some of the results people have posted also you can use it on your chin which I need to do. The chin is my post problematic area it just never shifts I have spent a lot in the past of chin exercise machines, creams and other useless items. A must when trying to lose weight is determination and willpower you can't solely rely on supplements. You need to keep it up to because when that weight is off you need to be able to keep it off. Make a plan learn new recipes that are full of flavour and are good for you, many people myself included try to just not eat chocolate or crisps and the takeaway food. A lot of pre made sauces you can buy are just as bad, making your food from scratch seems like a chore but some are quick and easy also if you have a slow cooker you barely cooking at all. Thank you all for entering and I hope you can be a regular reader I blog about all sorts so there is normally something for everyone to read. Also a huge thank you to Nicola for letting me host this giveaway and for setting up Natural Beauty Slimming because this is the friendliest group I have found so far and the products don't make me ill like the previous I tried.

So here is the winner Ruth Willoughby Wright well done I will pass your name on to Nicola and if you could message her on the Natural Beauty Slimming facebook page let her know that you won the giveaway on my blog and she will sort it all out for you. Once again thank you everyone.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Natural Beauty Slimming Giveaway

I have just started my weight loss journey with the help of some products from a company called Natural Beauty Slimming LTD. The company was started back in 2011 by a women called Nicola. The products that are sold on the website are natural supplements and weight loss products. A friend of mine told me about this company and I'm glad she did, I didn't buy the products straight away. I wanted to see what people were saying and wanted to see peoples progress first. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time now I don't eat to badly but I guess I have picked up little habits and well the weight won't budge. In 2011 I was a size 8 and weighed 10stone I felt amazing then I fell pregnant and knew I would put on some weight and I gained a stone. I then gained another 2 stone by using the pill so I switched the pill and gained another stone. I hate having my picture taken and I don't feel very happy or confident anymore (which affects my relationship in certain ways). After weeks/months of watching people lose weight and become happy I have took the plunge and bought some of the products that Natural Beauty Slimming LTD sell. I already feel more confident in the hope that I will lose some of this weight that is getting me down. The company have a facebook page where they offer support to everyone, they are very friendly and always get back to you if you ask a question. I will be keeping all you readers updated with my progress and I will include pictures too as much a I hate how I look but I want you to see the difference not just read about. 

So after speaking with the amazing women who has started this company I have a giveaway for you. The giveaway is for the latest and newest product that they have to offer. NB Ultimate is an exclusive product that is only available from Natural Beauty Slimming LTD, NB Ultimate is designed to boost your metabolism which means it will naturally burn the fat quicker. It also suppresses your appetite. The ingredients are 100% natural. Good luck!!

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Monday, 9 September 2013

A weekend of fun

What a weekend I have had!! On Saturday morning I woke and Liam said he wanted to go out somewhere the first idea being Temple Newsam. I rang my mum (she is our mode of transport and it's nice having her come along) unfortunately she had stuff to do in the morning and at lunch time so we couldn't go to Temple Newsam and we arranged to go on Sunday. Liam was bored and didn't want to waste his weekend vegging out on the sofa watching rubbish TV, as he was flicking through his facebook he saw that Xscape had something going on. So I rang my mum told her we were off to Xscape and asked if she wanted to meet us there. 

I'm sure if you live in West Yorkshire you will know about what was going on there. Basically there were so American cars and super hero's. Yes I met the Batman (or at least a man dressed as batman) over the recent years I have become kind of a geeky nerd. They had the ghost busters, doctor who, star wars and some other bits there also. It was good just a bit odd that grown adults were dressed as the joker just to visit and look around, don't get me wrong I'm all for dressing up but this event was only small and really there was no need to dress up it's not like it was comic con. I would so love to go to comic con!!!!

Temple Newsam
We packed our lunch and off we went. I really like going to places like this they are local and teach you a bit of history on the area. We had our lunch/picnic then headed to the house. I love going into these old houses, I just wish there was more in them and it was more like how it was but I understand that that is hard to do but would be so much better if they could keep them as true to the past without adding random things that were never in there. You can only go into a few rooms of the house I personally would of like to see what the kitchen would of been like and the servants quarters, maybe a few secret doors/passages. I was a bit annoyed that I wasn't allowed to take the pushchair around I think as they are a place aimed towards families visiting you should be allowed. Wheelchairs are permitted though. You can take a free audio tour also which I would advise as we just walked around a read what little information was in the rooms. After our walk around the house we went to the farm (my fav) I have spoke in a previous post about a trip to the farm at Temple Newsam so I won't say too much about this. They had a little baby cow in a pen on it's own  her name was Sky and her mother had rejected her which was sad, I know it's part of what animals do but it's sad. Sky seemed happy enough though she had a ball in her pen with her, I just felt sorry or her and thought she should have more baby cows in with her or at least one. We had a little walk down to the park and the bee keeping area which I kept well clear of. All in all it was a good day out and we spent all day there. 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Another trip to the Buffet

A while ago I got accepted to be a taste-maker for The Red Hot World Buffet. Now some of you may have read a previous post of mine when I visited the restaurant if you thank you and if not don't worry I will tell you all about the place here. One of the perks of being a taste-maker is that every quarter I get to have a complimentary meal for two at one of their restaurants. Sunday was that day!  

I have had a pretty stressful week my emotions are very stressed and angry, so I booked the table for Liam and me. We dropped Jared off at his Nanna's and jumped on the bus to Leeds. We had a walk around until we went to the buffet. After a while we got bored so we went to buffet early we thought we would have a few drinks then get seated but luckily they could seat us half an hour early. The seating areas are sort of in three parts there is an area that is right next to the buffet then one is slightly further back then the other is the furthest away but closer to the toilet. Anyway we sat down and ordered our drinks Liam had a San Miguel I thought I would go all crazy and have a Magners (I hardly drink so this is now classed as crazy for me). I honestly love this place just because there is food for everyone. It makes choosing where to eat a whole lot easier. We had about three plates of food each then a couple of trips up for pudding (my fav). 

Leeds is the only place lucky enough to have one of these restaurants here is where the rest of them are

  • Cardiff
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Milton Keynes
  • Northampton 
  • Nottingham
If you go to their website (click here) you can sign up to receive updates and by doing this you get a free drink when you visit. You can also look at the menu's and see what cocktails they offer and then you can book your table. 
Here are just a few pictures from Sunday

You ask the guy to pose and he acts silly he is always silly don't think I have many pictures of him actually looking normal lol.