Sunday, 4 August 2013

Keeping them busy

Hi everyone!!! 
We are in the 2 week of the hols?! I know different places break up at different times etc but we are in week 2. This weekend I have had my sisters, who get bored very quickly. To keep them busy and occupied while I did housework and stuck to my normal routine with Jared, I bought a few little things to keep them busy. 

I don't normally shop in poundland but Liam and I were in town and we popped in. This is where I found the glitter tattoo kit. In the kit you get stencils, glue and 3 colours of glitter. I didn't expect much or think it would be great (it is only a pound after all) but I still have my glitter tattoos on. Wouldn't of been as much fun if I didn't let them give me two. They also gave Liam some well four actually. 

I also found a design your own puzzle in Asda. It costs a pound and comes with two blank puzzle boards for your little ones to create a master piece on. Drawing and colouring only seems to keep them occupied for an hour and then they get bored so I try and get more things like design a puzzle. Next week I'm going to get them to write a story, one of my old school teachers (Mr. Sparshott) used a technique to get us to write a good story. He would give us the start of the story and to see where the storyline would go he would get us to pick a number and then he would roll a dice and say number three you have to write about your luggage getting lost etc. 

Hope you are all keeping busy during the holidays would love to hear what you have been doing or any plans or activity suggestions would be great. xxx

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