Saturday, 27 July 2013

The summer hols are here!!

It is here the time most parents dread because it's expensive and the kids get bored, fast!! Now I know it doesn't really affect me because Jared is only a baby, but I do have my sisters during holidays while my mum works. So I am going to do a little list of places where I hope to take them and next week I will be posting about the indoor activities you can do. We don't have tonnes of money (who does?!) so most places are reasonably priced.

Barnsley Metrodome Swimming
So I hope to go here its something we can all do and Jared can also enjoy it as he loves splashing about in pools. For a family of 4 ticket (2 Adults 2 Children) it costs £28.30 for 3 hours. It is a little more pricey then I would like but I guess the prices of places are going up everywhere and you do get lots of fun slides etc. They are open Mon-Fri 10am til 7pm and on Sat-Sun 10am til 5pm they have a restaurant next to the pool area where you can grab a bite to eat. Once I have been I will be post a full review of our day out there but for now here is where you can check the place out and grab directions. . 

Clumber Park
I first saw this place when in the car coming back from Berkshire, me and my mum noticed it and we said we would go there for a day out. We never got round to it last year, but this year we will hopefully get to go. My plan is to take a picnic maybe a bat and ball. One thing I miss about my little bubble life I lived is being able to walk in woodlands and fields, the city life is not for me. So this is why I want to go to Clumber park. As far as I'm aware and have read it is free you just pay to park your car.

Many people will flock to Xscape as it is close and has a range of things to do. When we take our visit we will be engaging in a game of 4D golf which is glow in the dark and you wear 3D glasses. There is two courses to do. The opening times for the golf are Mon-Fri 11am-9:30pm and Sat-Sun 10am-9:30pm. Xscape itself is open later as they offer a few places to dine like Nandos. If the 4D golf isn't your thing then check out there website I'm sure there will be something you will find that you want to do.

The Beach
What is a summer holiday without a trip to the british seaside?! We will either go to Bridlington or Scarborough either way it's not too expensive (unless you hit the arcades) but just take a towel something to wear into the sea. You could either take a picnic or grab some chips while your there, I think a must while at the beach is too get an ice cream.

So they are the places I would like to go to I have a few more lined up but I will leave them off the list and if I do go I will post up a review. I hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and find ways to keep the kiddies entertained. If you live anywhere near Wakefield and have a few suggestions of places we can go then please get in touch xxx

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