Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Party In The Park

On Sunday I went to party in the park. It's an event hosted by Radioaire and held in Leeds at Temple Newsam. My two sisters Trinity and Molly came along with my mum Sarah and of course the boyfriend Liam. We didn't take Jared as it was going to be a long day and pushchairs and big crowds don't go very well. 

So we got there at 11ish and had to stand in a queue until half 12. Some people had been there all morning which is silly really because we were at the front anyway, well as close to the stage as we could get without being in the VIP area. The one act we were looking forward to was Dizzee Rascal, and he was on last which meant we stood in the same spot for about 4 and a half hours. the first big name on the stage was Olly Murs. I have seen him perform before when I went to T4OTB and he is very good live. Some of the other acts that were there was Stooshe, A*M*E who was fab, Diana Vickers, Lucy Spraggan who had a technical fault but she played anyway. I have never heard of her apparently she was on the Xfactor or something but I don't watch that so I dunno, but yeah she had a technical problem but she just played anyway and she was good. Professor Green was there who I love he is so gorgeous I love his tattoo's. A blast from the past were there the one and only BLUE!!!! Now I was slightly more excited to seem them then I thought I would be but I was a fan when they first came out and I had always wanted to see them just never had the chance, until Sunday wow they were awesome and so much more hotter. The one act that I thought was A-MAZE-ING was John Newman he is a new name on the music scene but he has worked with Rudimental. The performance he gave was great I loved it he but so much energy into his performance, his voice is fantastic. I think he is going to be very big over the next few years he has such a powerful voice and unique sound I really really enjoyed seeing him. 

After about three hours some of the crowd must of got bored as bottles started getting thrown, this actually really annoyed me. It annoyed me for a few reasons, one most of the bottles were full which would of really hurt, there were people there with there young kids who got hit in the face by these bottles. We all got hit by bottles and I got covered in water, coke, mountain dew and god knows what else. I think it was disgusting that people were doing this, next year I think they need more of a system in place to prevent it being as bad as it got. But anyway after waiting for hours to see Dizzee Rascal the time had come, the crowd were screaming his name and I must say I was very disappointed and I think a lot of other fans were. He done 3 songs 2 of which no one knew as they are from his new album which is out later this year. The last song he done seemed to just end sharply and he walked off. Now for me this was hugely disappointing I have been a fan of his for years before he hit the charts and started working with bugger names. I had his music on tape!!! So for him to come out do 3 songs then just leave how he did was very upsetting, if by any chance Dizzee is reading this or any of his colleagues I would accept free meet and greet tickets to see him :). No really I would my e-mail is in the PR section of my blog lol. 

Even though there were a few let down moments and we starved till we left we had a good time and will be going next year if the line up is good. If you went let me know who you liked seeing or if you were in the VIP section, got hit by a bottle etc. Communicate with me guys xxx

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