Monday, 8 July 2013

Job applications

**Warning this is a rant post**

Ok so I have been applying for jobs for about 6 months now, and I'm sick and tired of getting automated rejection e-mails literally 10 minutes after applying online. So I spend about 30-40 mins per online application filling in every thing you know every GCSE result every job I have ever had date of birth national insurance number etc etc. Then they ask you to upload your CV which I have no idea why as my CV says everything that the questions asked me, then click submit. I log on to my e-mails as they say I have a confirmation e-mail to find out I then need to spend another 20 mins filling in quiz's, after completing the quiz which asked stupid question's like does the layout of the store make you want to work less? and other pointless question which in my opinion do not reflect if I would be good at the job or not. So anyway after the quiz I get another e-mail saying sorry you have been unsuccessful this time, this is wrong why are employers not looking at people's CV's or looking at the applicants skills, qualifications. I'm so angry about this that I actually sent an e-mail to one company who uses the quiz system (Harveys furniture store) I'm awaiting a reply which I doubt I will get. In the e-mail I did mention that on these quiz/tests that most people make up the answers and that a quiz isn't always correct and pointed out that I once took a quiz while pregnant and it said my baby was going to be a girl when in fact I had a boy. I would really like to hear your view about this as I think many companies are using these now and I think it makes it harder for people to even get an interview. If any employers are reading this I would also like to hear your side to this as I know your main argument would be it saves time and resources.  

Thanks guys and sorry it's a rant but I think this is something that needs to be talked about xxx

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