Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Party In The Park

On Sunday I went to party in the park. It's an event hosted by Radioaire and held in Leeds at Temple Newsam. My two sisters Trinity and Molly came along with my mum Sarah and of course the boyfriend Liam. We didn't take Jared as it was going to be a long day and pushchairs and big crowds don't go very well. 

So we got there at 11ish and had to stand in a queue until half 12. Some people had been there all morning which is silly really because we were at the front anyway, well as close to the stage as we could get without being in the VIP area. The one act we were looking forward to was Dizzee Rascal, and he was on last which meant we stood in the same spot for about 4 and a half hours. the first big name on the stage was Olly Murs. I have seen him perform before when I went to T4OTB and he is very good live. Some of the other acts that were there was Stooshe, A*M*E who was fab, Diana Vickers, Lucy Spraggan who had a technical fault but she played anyway. I have never heard of her apparently she was on the Xfactor or something but I don't watch that so I dunno, but yeah she had a technical problem but she just played anyway and she was good. Professor Green was there who I love he is so gorgeous I love his tattoo's. A blast from the past were there the one and only BLUE!!!! Now I was slightly more excited to seem them then I thought I would be but I was a fan when they first came out and I had always wanted to see them just never had the chance, until Sunday wow they were awesome and so much more hotter. The one act that I thought was A-MAZE-ING was John Newman he is a new name on the music scene but he has worked with Rudimental. The performance he gave was great I loved it he but so much energy into his performance, his voice is fantastic. I think he is going to be very big over the next few years he has such a powerful voice and unique sound I really really enjoyed seeing him. 

After about three hours some of the crowd must of got bored as bottles started getting thrown, this actually really annoyed me. It annoyed me for a few reasons, one most of the bottles were full which would of really hurt, there were people there with there young kids who got hit in the face by these bottles. We all got hit by bottles and I got covered in water, coke, mountain dew and god knows what else. I think it was disgusting that people were doing this, next year I think they need more of a system in place to prevent it being as bad as it got. But anyway after waiting for hours to see Dizzee Rascal the time had come, the crowd were screaming his name and I must say I was very disappointed and I think a lot of other fans were. He done 3 songs 2 of which no one knew as they are from his new album which is out later this year. The last song he done seemed to just end sharply and he walked off. Now for me this was hugely disappointing I have been a fan of his for years before he hit the charts and started working with bugger names. I had his music on tape!!! So for him to come out do 3 songs then just leave how he did was very upsetting, if by any chance Dizzee is reading this or any of his colleagues I would accept free meet and greet tickets to see him :). No really I would my e-mail is in the PR section of my blog lol. 

Even though there were a few let down moments and we starved till we left we had a good time and will be going next year if the line up is good. If you went let me know who you liked seeing or if you were in the VIP section, got hit by a bottle etc. Communicate with me guys xxx

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The summer hols are here!!

It is here the time most parents dread because it's expensive and the kids get bored, fast!! Now I know it doesn't really affect me because Jared is only a baby, but I do have my sisters during holidays while my mum works. So I am going to do a little list of places where I hope to take them and next week I will be posting about the indoor activities you can do. We don't have tonnes of money (who does?!) so most places are reasonably priced.

Barnsley Metrodome Swimming
So I hope to go here its something we can all do and Jared can also enjoy it as he loves splashing about in pools. For a family of 4 ticket (2 Adults 2 Children) it costs £28.30 for 3 hours. It is a little more pricey then I would like but I guess the prices of places are going up everywhere and you do get lots of fun slides etc. They are open Mon-Fri 10am til 7pm and on Sat-Sun 10am til 5pm they have a restaurant next to the pool area where you can grab a bite to eat. Once I have been I will be post a full review of our day out there but for now here is where you can check the place out and grab directions. .http://www.calypsocovewaterpark.org.uk 

Clumber Park
I first saw this place when in the car coming back from Berkshire, me and my mum noticed it and we said we would go there for a day out. We never got round to it last year, but this year we will hopefully get to go. My plan is to take a picnic maybe a bat and ball. One thing I miss about my little bubble life I lived is being able to walk in woodlands and fields, the city life is not for me. So this is why I want to go to Clumber park. As far as I'm aware and have read it is free you just pay to park your car.  http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/clumber-park/

Many people will flock to Xscape as it is close and has a range of things to do. When we take our visit we will be engaging in a game of 4D golf which is glow in the dark and you wear 3D glasses. There is two courses to do. The opening times for the golf are Mon-Fri 11am-9:30pm and Sat-Sun 10am-9:30pm. Xscape itself is open later as they offer a few places to dine like Nandos. If the 4D golf isn't your thing then check out there website I'm sure there will be something you will find that you want to do. 

The Beach
What is a summer holiday without a trip to the british seaside?! We will either go to Bridlington or Scarborough either way it's not too expensive (unless you hit the arcades) but just take a towel something to wear into the sea. You could either take a picnic or grab some chips while your there, I think a must while at the beach is too get an ice cream.

So they are the places I would like to go to I have a few more lined up but I will leave them off the list and if I do go I will post up a review. I hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and find ways to keep the kiddies entertained. If you live anywhere near Wakefield and have a few suggestions of places we can go then please get in touch xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

I did it!!!!

It's Monday morning and I'm still tired but my legs aren't sore. So yesterday I done the race for life in Pontefract, I had choose to do the 10k thinking it was just once round. I was wrong it was twice lol. I had noone to do the race with so I decided I would push Jared around in his buggy while doing it, how hard can that be?! Well it was hard. When I got there we joined the end that was for the walkers and I met a lovely lady called Dot who was taking her granddaughter round Farah (2) so we both had buggies to push round the track. We started talking and she made the same mistake as me and signed up for the 10k thinking it was just once round. I think if it wasn't for Dot I wouldn't of made it round a second time, you may be thinking it can't be hard and that I'm exaggerating but really I'm not. When you have a buggy and your walking on a flat surface its ok not too bad but when you have a buggy on uneven ground and you have to push it up hills and on slants plus damp grass it's not that easy. Safe to say I was sweating by the time I had done 3k. We kept spurring each other on and also the runners who passed us. When we finished its was amazing we were last to complete the course so everyone lined up at the finish line, we took the kids out the buggies and ran the last stretch it took us 2 hours and 16 minuets. I don't mind that we came last because out of the 2000 people that took part there was only a handful (100 maybe) that done the 10k and out of them few I only saw 4 people walking including Dot and myself. Also we got an amazing finish which no one else got. If you would like to sponsor me you still can there is a button on my page that will take you straight to my online sponsor page, you can donate and it will go straight to them. 

I will just add that there is other races that you can take part in now to raise money, they have got a new race called pretty mudder I'm thinking of doing this next year. There is also one where the do it at night. Thank you for reading and if you have sponsored me or even signed up for a race after reading this then please let me know. 

Bye for now my lovelies xxx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Cannon Hall Farm

On Wednesday I took a trip to Cannon Hall Farm along with Liam, Emily & baby Finn and Jared. The weather was lovely hot but not too hot. We took a little picnic with us, mainly because when you have children you never know what they will eat or when they will eat. So anyway in the farm is a nice selection of animals we went to see the cows at the roundhouse first. I took Jared up the steps so he could look down onto the cows and I'm so sorry for the poor cow that ended up with Jared's sick on it's side. I took an amazing picture of one of the cows that tried to lick me (I would of let it but I thought it might nibble my hand).
This is the cow I was talking about I have named it Trudy not sure if she already has a name if so please let me know. This picture is now one of my favorite picture I have ever taken. Now I love sheep they are my favorite animals apart from dogs, so I got a bit excited when I read that there was sheep racing. Although the race is short it is such good fun. There are four sheep and you get a free bet where you choose what sheep you think will win I chose yellow (Mutton Chop) they give you a raffle ticket and if your sheep wins you then have the chance to win a trip back to the farm, at least this was the prize on the day I went I'm not sure if they change this?! Another race that takes place is the ferret race again you can bet and have a chance to win. This next part makes me seem like such a soppy soul, we went round to look at the rest of the animals (goats, llamas, sheep and pigs) as I walked into the pig pens I saw all the piglets and pigglers (toddler pigs to me). I reached these pigs and they looked at me and I was tapping the wall and calling them over this one piggler came over to me and actually sat like you expect a dog to do. I got all soppy and I fell in love with this pig I gave behind the ears a little scratch and I was sad to leave that piggy as it was adorable. The farm also has a variety of rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens which you can pet in the petting area where a member of staff will pick one up so you or your little one can have a little stroke. 

As the babies were getting a bit restless we went over to the park, after Emily, Liam and me had a go on the zip wire/line swing. I like that there is more than one park which means the littlies can have a play with out big kids getting in the way. Jared was getting very grumpy so we put him on the swing with daddy but he still wasn't that amused.
Because both babies were getting restless we decided that we should have a look around the shops and then head home. There is a gift shop where you can buy a selection on mementos to remember your trip but they also sell other little gifts in there like books and toys. I was very eager to get to the farm shop as I had been told that the food was nice and good quality. We bought some venison sausages which we had later on that night, some paprika & pork sausages fudge and banana biscuits for Jared. I was a little nervous about trying the venison sausage as it isn't your normal routine meats like beef and chicken, we had them with some potato wedges as I didn't wanted a sauce to ruin the flavour. Wow!! I was surprised they were really nice kind of had a cumberland or lincolnshire sausage taste too them (I can't say which as I always forget which is which lol). The fudge was consumed in one sitting and we have one of the very tasty biscuits left we are yet to taste the other sausages we got. So if you are around the Barnsley area and looking for a day I would totally suggest Cannon Hall Farm it is great fun and reasonably priced, I think it could be better if they offered feeding lambs as I know some farms do offer this. I'm now planning my next visit back to the farm but will be going with my Mum and my two little sisters. I'm sure I will buy more yummy food and share my thoughts with you all. Please leave a comment if you have visited and what you thought or if you have bought some produce, what did you get? was it good? 


Monday, 8 July 2013

Job applications

**Warning this is a rant post**

Ok so I have been applying for jobs for about 6 months now, and I'm sick and tired of getting automated rejection e-mails literally 10 minutes after applying online. So I spend about 30-40 mins per online application filling in every thing you know every GCSE result every job I have ever had date of birth national insurance number etc etc. Then they ask you to upload your CV which I have no idea why as my CV says everything that the questions asked me, then click submit. I log on to my e-mails as they say I have a confirmation e-mail to find out I then need to spend another 20 mins filling in quiz's, after completing the quiz which asked stupid question's like does the layout of the store make you want to work less? and other pointless question which in my opinion do not reflect if I would be good at the job or not. So anyway after the quiz I get another e-mail saying sorry you have been unsuccessful this time, this is wrong why are employers not looking at people's CV's or looking at the applicants skills, qualifications. I'm so angry about this that I actually sent an e-mail to one company who uses the quiz system (Harveys furniture store) I'm awaiting a reply which I doubt I will get. In the e-mail I did mention that on these quiz/tests that most people make up the answers and that a quiz isn't always correct and pointed out that I once took a quiz while pregnant and it said my baby was going to be a girl when in fact I had a boy. I would really like to hear your view about this as I think many companies are using these now and I think it makes it harder for people to even get an interview. If any employers are reading this I would also like to hear your side to this as I know your main argument would be it saves time and resources.  

Thanks guys and sorry it's a rant but I think this is something that needs to be talked about xxx

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hello all hope your all fab this Thursday 

On monday I ordered a Graze box I've been hearing of them for a while now and finally decided to give it a try. Well it arrived today and it is yummy. You don't actually pick what is going to arrive in your box but they have a list of everything on they have on their website and you choose if you don't want it if you really want it etc etc. In my box I recieved honeycomb flapjack, slightly sweet popcorn, smoky gazpacho dip and jaffa cake which was nuts dried orange raisins and dark chocolate. 
 this is what it comes in.
I like how when you get the box (through the letterbox with your normal post) it has a little book and it tells you the story of how Graze boxes started. So if you would like to get your hands on one of these for free then go onto their website graze.com and you can enter this code to get your free nibble box YF4PDRZD  you do need to enter your bank details but they take no money out and once you have your first box if you don't want anymore (the normal price being just under £4 a box) then you can cancel your account and that will be that. I hope you try one and enjoy it as much as I did.

Monday, 1 July 2013

lazy week good weekend

Hello readers sorry I haven't posted in a while, truth is I haven't had much this week that would be worth blogging about as I have had to wait in for things and being stuck in the house means all I could write about is how my son makes mess and clean it up then he makes mess again lol. But this weekend I had my cousin and fellow blogger come and visit me, which meant Jared could finally meet his Godmother whoo!!! This weekend I took her to Leeds we had a walk about entered primark which was so busy and stupidly hot. 
Of course I had to take her to the red hot buffet world as she had seen pictures from when I went the other also was Jareds first time in a restaurant and he was so good, the man sitting on the table next to us with his family couldn't stop smiling and laughing at Jared was great. Oh almost forgot saw my first flash mob in Leeds a group of people started singing oprah style was pretty cool.

Sunday was funday, a little village/town had there summer show so we went along to that we took Rosie my pooch and my mum took her dog Derek (Rosie's son). Derek one in the waggiest tail competition so my mum was happy about that. It was another hot day Jared was grumpy which didn't ruin the day just made it more stressful then I wanted it. Now I dunno if you know this but I have an addiction in life everyone will have an addiction. My addiction may not be so serious that I would lose my home and family but still it's an addiction none the less, spit it out I hear you say. So here goes "Hello my name is Jade and I a tombolaholic" WOW it feels good getting it out there I would like to here about your addiction could be fun I can do a post about weird and wonderful addictions?! What do you think?? This week I'm hoping to make a hair mask as my hair has gone a bit funny I have no idea why but I need to sort it so look out for my hair mask post later this week. I hope you all had a good weekend and sorry I have neglected you all I promise I will make it up to you. Oh if you want to be a part of my addiction post let me know you can email me (jadelikessheep2@gmail.com) or just leave a comment I will also add some serious things in as well as numbers for helplines because you guys are important and if you have a problem I wanna help out. Love you all xxx