Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The purge followed by dinner

Sorry it has taken me a while to getting round to posting. I will get on with it anyway,

Saturday I went to Leeds with the boyfriend while Jared stayed at his Nanas for the night. We like to have a night together every now and then, so Liam treated me to a trip to the cinema followed by dinner. We watched The Purge I was super excited as the trailer looked great!! Unfortunately it was a bit of a let down I thought the film would mainly focus on what the purge is (all crime including murder legal for 12 hours). The focus of the film was the main family and it was all at their home on their fancy street etc etc and then the boy lets in a homeless guy some people are trying to kill. The bad guys get in the house and then loads of people get killed. I was so disappointed I guess I shouldn't have such high expectations for films. So after the film we had a while to wait until our table would be ready we grabbed a starbucks (I had a cookie crumble frappuccino). After loitering around for about an hour we sat down to dinner at the Red Hot Buffet World, I have been there before and it was fantastic but this time it wasn't so good which was upsetting we got stuck furthest away from the buffet (who wants to walk lots when at a all you can eat) one side of us was a hen party and the other side a large group of men, which made getting to and from our table a total nightmare. I think if we had gone for food first then the film it would of been better. We enjoyed ourselves but it could of been better. 


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