Friday, 12 April 2013

Temple Newsam

Yesterday Jared, me and some family went for a day out we went to Temple Newsam. It was Jared's and my first ever visit there and I really enjoyed myself. I know Jared did as he never had his morning or afternoon nap (resulting in a very tired boy at 5:30pm). When we got there we had a walk around the rose garden's that they have, unfortunately no rose's were in bloom yet but was still nice to have a little walk around the gardens. We then took a walk near the pond/lake area, Alice and Adam were playing catch with a tennis ball as Adam chucked the ball towards Alice it went hurtling towards the pond/lake Alice ran then slid to stop the ball from going in the water. The result was Alice getting covered in mud and possibly duck poo and the ball going into the water it was very funny. 
Although there is a cafe at Temple Newsam we all took a packed lunch which we ate while sitting on the grass next to the farm area. After lunch we went to the farm, Jared had never seen any farm animals apart from my mums chickens. Jared got to see and touch a Donkey it did try to eat his foot tho which you can sort of see in the pictures I have added at the bottom. As it is spring the farm had loads of baby animals, the lambs being my favorite. When we got to where the cows were one cow was making a lot of noise and that is when I realized she was having a baby, unfortunately I did see the baby being born but I saw mummy cow pushing and could see what I'm guessing was the baby cow in the sack. During our little visit we also saw a rugby player Ryan Hudson (his sister was on corrie Lucy I believe she is called). 
Jared done his first ever drawing as well and made into a badge :). So readers if you are ever up north near Leeds and are unsure of what to do then take a visit to Temple Newsam there is also a large house you can go in and several play parks for the kids. Parking is free and like I mentioned there is a cafe but it is expensive so I would recommend a picnic/packed lunch. If you visit let me know how your day went and share some pictures xxx

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