Saturday, 27 April 2013

6lbs gone!!!

Since I started Herbalife I have lost 6lbs WHOOO!! However I have been getting really bad headaches and a really bad belly since drinking the shakes. I love the fact I'm losing weight but when I have a 11 month old baby to look after, it's not good. I was told that you could get blocked up while using Herbalife but for me it is the opposite. I will carry on using it but every two to three days I'm going to have to take a break from it otherwise I think all my time will be spent in the bathroom or in bed sleeping. 

Me and the little one went to a new baby group this week which was nice, Jared seemed to enjoy it. We sang some songs and played with the toys. We were told about another group that is just up the road from where I live, now when I first heard of the group the women came round and basically told me not to bother going as I would be sort of an outcast. Since speaking to the lady at the group on Thursday I think I may go along to this other one as it sounds good and plus Jared enjoys meeting all these people and getting lots of attention from people. On Thursday night after our busy day out and about I cooked diet fanta chicken, I couldn't find diet fanta so had to use fanta zero I assume it is the same. Now I can picture you reading that and being like "that sounds vile" and pulling a sick face. Let me tell you it was absolutely beautiful, if you like sweet and sour chicken then you will love it. How I made it was I cut up the chicken and a large onion and fried them in fry light, then I added 1 can of fanta zero (it froths up) 3tbsp of passata, 1tsp of vinegar and a pinch of chilli flakes. I chopped up a red and orange pepper but you can add red orange green and yellow if you like up to you really. I left it in the pan to cook for 20-30mins, the sauce is supposed to get thicker but for me it was taking way too long so I used some stuff called thick and easy,we used it to make our sons milk thicker was given by the doctor so you may need to use another thickening powder. It is simple and healthy also if you are on slimming world I'm told it is syn free but I would double check that. I have a picture of how mine turned out on my instagram just click on the link and it should pop up. 

This weekend I have my two sisters over as my mum and dad are working, normally we do baking and make loads of cakes and cookies or whatever else we can think off. But as I'm trying to lose weight it is a crafts weekend, pens, paints, stickers, glue and a ton of other stuff. As I stupidly bought the wrong size letter's I needed for a craft project I gave them the small ones which are the first letter of their names. They spent the morning decorating them while me and Liam went to buy some prizes for a bingo game we planned to later on, we forgot bingo cards *slaps forehead* so I just gave them their prizes anyway. Trinity is busy making key rings and Molly is coloring in an activity book. Tomorrow I will be busy cooking a roast dinner (you know there will be instgrams of that beauty) and I'm making a cheesecake, not from scratch I bought a packet from Asda. I hope you have a good weekend xxx

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