Saturday, 27 April 2013

6lbs gone!!!

Since I started Herbalife I have lost 6lbs WHOOO!! However I have been getting really bad headaches and a really bad belly since drinking the shakes. I love the fact I'm losing weight but when I have a 11 month old baby to look after, it's not good. I was told that you could get blocked up while using Herbalife but for me it is the opposite. I will carry on using it but every two to three days I'm going to have to take a break from it otherwise I think all my time will be spent in the bathroom or in bed sleeping. 

Me and the little one went to a new baby group this week which was nice, Jared seemed to enjoy it. We sang some songs and played with the toys. We were told about another group that is just up the road from where I live, now when I first heard of the group the women came round and basically told me not to bother going as I would be sort of an outcast. Since speaking to the lady at the group on Thursday I think I may go along to this other one as it sounds good and plus Jared enjoys meeting all these people and getting lots of attention from people. On Thursday night after our busy day out and about I cooked diet fanta chicken, I couldn't find diet fanta so had to use fanta zero I assume it is the same. Now I can picture you reading that and being like "that sounds vile" and pulling a sick face. Let me tell you it was absolutely beautiful, if you like sweet and sour chicken then you will love it. How I made it was I cut up the chicken and a large onion and fried them in fry light, then I added 1 can of fanta zero (it froths up) 3tbsp of passata, 1tsp of vinegar and a pinch of chilli flakes. I chopped up a red and orange pepper but you can add red orange green and yellow if you like up to you really. I left it in the pan to cook for 20-30mins, the sauce is supposed to get thicker but for me it was taking way too long so I used some stuff called thick and easy,we used it to make our sons milk thicker was given by the doctor so you may need to use another thickening powder. It is simple and healthy also if you are on slimming world I'm told it is syn free but I would double check that. I have a picture of how mine turned out on my instagram just click on the link and it should pop up. 

This weekend I have my two sisters over as my mum and dad are working, normally we do baking and make loads of cakes and cookies or whatever else we can think off. But as I'm trying to lose weight it is a crafts weekend, pens, paints, stickers, glue and a ton of other stuff. As I stupidly bought the wrong size letter's I needed for a craft project I gave them the small ones which are the first letter of their names. They spent the morning decorating them while me and Liam went to buy some prizes for a bingo game we planned to later on, we forgot bingo cards *slaps forehead* so I just gave them their prizes anyway. Trinity is busy making key rings and Molly is coloring in an activity book. Tomorrow I will be busy cooking a roast dinner (you know there will be instgrams of that beauty) and I'm making a cheesecake, not from scratch I bought a packet from Asda. I hope you have a good weekend xxx

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Herbalife And A Plumber

Hello all I'm sorry my post is a day late, Monday was a nightmare. The heater tank started making funny sounds late on Sunday and come silly o'clock in the morning the pipes were making a screeching sound so we had to call a plumber out, who informed us it could of blown up or set on fire. So Monday morning our gas/heating man turns up and he is there for hours he done a gas check then checked the pipes and the water tank. He said all is ok which I don't think it is, why would it make a funny noise and nearly explode if it was fine?!  Anyway that is the reason why I never got to update my post. As you know I started Herbalife and it is ok I don't feel so hungry but last night I had a massive headache and felt a bit run down. Not sure if it was because of the lack of food or lack of sleep or both. Today I have had both my shakes and my tablets only problem I'm finding is I'm in the toilet a lot more then I used to be not just for a wee either :-/  I won't be on Herbalife for too long just to shift and kick start my weight loss. Many people I have spoke to are now saying when they come off it they pile it all back on which is why I don't want to stay on it, I need to learn to cook healthier and eat more veg and train my body to eat fruit. I struggle with fruit as the texture makes me gag I can only eat bananas wish I could eat more. Was thinking of getting hypnotized just so I could eat more fruit as I love the tastes, anyone ever tried that?? I'm still happy to give the name of the rugby guy who sells the Herbalife if you are interested in trying it, he offers a 10 day kick start programme which is worth a try. 

Today is a good and bad day for me, the sun is shining my son is in a happy mood and I'm over at my mums house hanging out with the crazy family. On the sad side this time last year I lost my grandad, I was a hormonal weepy mess anyway but when I got the news and went to go see him I honestly thought that I was never going to stop crying I felt my whole body shaking it was awful. R.I.P Grandad you are very missed but I know that you are happy and not in pain anymore hope where ever you are is a lot better then here. Love you. 

Thanks guys xxx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend Antics

Hello I hope you all had a fab weekend. Since my last post I have got older, I'm now the great age of 23. My beautiful little boy got me a gorgeous locket if you have me on instagram then you might of seen the picture of it. Liam got me a book about murders (he knows me so well) which I can't wait to get stuck into. For my birthday I decided I wanted to do something that me and my family could all enjoy, so we went swimming. We went swimming at Barnsley metro dome, it was a bit of a mess about when we got in we paid and headed for the changing rooms. It took nearly 20 minuets to get into a changing room (bare in mind we had paid for an hour and a half swim) so I was getting a bit upset thinking that it was going to be a terrible day. I was so wrong, we managed to stay longer then the allocated time and had such a laugh. Jared really enjoyed himself which was great, my littlest sister Molly (8) went on one of the slides with me I did have to bribe her to go on but she done it so was so happy that she done it :). After swimming we all came back to my house an had a take away, where more giggles happened. 

Sometimes I wish life would just slow down I feel like my age is running a head of me. It is scary, but every year I'm gaining more memories and meeting people. I also finally know where I want my life to go what path it should take. I'm going to leave my post short and sweet today as I will be posting about day 1 on Herbalife tomorrow love you all xxx 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bit Of This And A Bit Of That

I have posted much this week due to being ill and trying to keep a baby who is teething and crawling entertained when I have zero energy just takes all my time and effort. I'm mummy's reading this will understand. This week I have had a few strange conversations with Liam, one was about people/bands we were obsessed with. The conversation came about because we had the music channel on and they were on about how crazy One Direction and Just Bieber fans are. It got me thinking about who I was obsessed with the only famous person I was every obsessed with was Eminem, I wrote to him several times (no reply) I had his posters his albums I would even write I love MM on my hand at school. I remember when his film 8 Mile came out me and my friend Robena were trying to convince people who were older than us to buy us ticket so we could go and watch it in the cinema but that never happened and I spent ages crying. So I was wondering who your celebrity obsession is or was? you can email me then and I will do a post about them I will only post first names or anon. 

Also this week I have been getting some low fat healthy recipes as I start a Herbalife diet on Monday, If you haven't heard of Herbalife it's a product that offers a few different things I am doing the weight loss but you can get some to build muscle. I will be documenting my journey on my blog with a update every Monday I will weigh myself and measure my waist and also take a picture and show you all my progress. I bought my Herbalife off of a lady who for medical reason (not related to the product) had to stop, so I only paid £40 but it is normally £140 upwards. I do know of a local rugby player who sells it (and uses it) so if you would be interested in trying this then I can put a link on my post on Monday just comment and let me know so I can make sure it will be ok with him.

Mummy's I need some advice, as I have mentioned my son is teething he seems to have four coming through atm on the top row. I'm I know this can affect his sleeping but I have also cut down his bottles so he only has a morning bottle and one before bed and if he wakes up he will get a bottle then. I'm just wondering when your little ones were nearly a year old, how many bottles were they on? and when did they start sleeping through the night. I speak to the health visitor but we can never get hold of her we leave messages and still nothing we haven't seen her since well before Christmas. I just want to make sure he is getting enough bottles and not too many. What did you find works well for teething babies? we use anbesol liquid and that works to a certain extent just some days his teeth really bother him. 

Anyway guys I will be posting on Sunday as it's my birthday on Saturday so I will be out will my family have a great weekend and please leave some comments let me know about Herbalife and some advice please xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's Sunday

Hello everyone, how's your weekend been? This weekend we were going to take Jared to the beach so I went online to look at trains and they wanted £70.80!!!!! for 2 adult returns. We didn't go to the beach as I refuse to pay that much, I would understand the price if it was far away but it really isn't it would take an hour and half in the car. I need a car. I thought the prices might of been more reasonable as the government etc. are always saying how we should use public transport more and that it is cheaper to use. The only way public transport is cheaper then a car is if you purchase all the different cards they offer for discounts. So how did I spend my Saturday, well we took Jared and Rosie dog over to the park. We fed the ducks, swans and geese. The swans weren't very happy about Rosie being there and were hissing at her so we swiftly moved away from them. Jared enjoyed feeding them all even though he was very tired and hungry at this point. While we were walking alongside the pond we bumped into one of the mums that was on the Neo-Natel ward with her little girl, it was nice to see her we don't often bump into some of the families that were on there but when we do it's nice to how their little one is getting on and see how big they have got. For us when we see the babies it's a big shock seeing how big they have got as when we would of seen them last they would of only been about 4 or 5 pounds. 

Today I'm ordering so craft stuff to start my little picture collage letter for my sisters I will be posting my progress and step by step guide in case you like it and want to try it for yourself. I found the idea on pinterestIf you follow me on there you will notice I'm sort of a pinoholic lol I just can't help it so much stuff that I like on there and things that make me laugh. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and

Friday, 12 April 2013

Temple Newsam

Yesterday Jared, me and some family went for a day out we went to Temple Newsam. It was Jared's and my first ever visit there and I really enjoyed myself. I know Jared did as he never had his morning or afternoon nap (resulting in a very tired boy at 5:30pm). When we got there we had a walk around the rose garden's that they have, unfortunately no rose's were in bloom yet but was still nice to have a little walk around the gardens. We then took a walk near the pond/lake area, Alice and Adam were playing catch with a tennis ball as Adam chucked the ball towards Alice it went hurtling towards the pond/lake Alice ran then slid to stop the ball from going in the water. The result was Alice getting covered in mud and possibly duck poo and the ball going into the water it was very funny. 
Although there is a cafe at Temple Newsam we all took a packed lunch which we ate while sitting on the grass next to the farm area. After lunch we went to the farm, Jared had never seen any farm animals apart from my mums chickens. Jared got to see and touch a Donkey it did try to eat his foot tho which you can sort of see in the pictures I have added at the bottom. As it is spring the farm had loads of baby animals, the lambs being my favorite. When we got to where the cows were one cow was making a lot of noise and that is when I realized she was having a baby, unfortunately I did see the baby being born but I saw mummy cow pushing and could see what I'm guessing was the baby cow in the sack. During our little visit we also saw a rugby player Ryan Hudson (his sister was on corrie Lucy I believe she is called). 
Jared done his first ever drawing as well and made into a badge :). So readers if you are ever up north near Leeds and are unsure of what to do then take a visit to Temple Newsam there is also a large house you can go in and several play parks for the kids. Parking is free and like I mentioned there is a cafe but it is expensive so I would recommend a picnic/packed lunch. If you visit let me know how your day went and share some pictures xxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Crochet Knit?!?

I recently found a group on facebook that make blankets, hats and much more for premature babies. They then send them to around 150 hospitals that have a neo-natal ward, these people are truly lovely people who give up there time and money to help little babies that are fighting for their lives it also helps the parents just by knowing that someone cares and wants to help. As a beginner in crochet it is going to take me a while to crochet some blankets, hats are too advance for me yet. Just wondering if any of you lovely readers of mine can Knit or Crochet and if you can would you like to help the little babies. Here is the website PreemiesUK please just take a look and see if you could help in anyway. I will be posting my progress on my crochet blankets on here keeping you all informed not just with this but also my other creative projects. 
So what else have I been up to I hear you cry!! LOL, well not too much really today I have done nothing but read my psychology work and get prepared for my exam/test that opens tonight at midnight. Wish me luck guys xxx

Monday, 8 April 2013

Open University Is Confusing!!!!

As some of you may know I'm doing a degree in psychology and criminology and today I have been cramming in loads of work as the little one is with his Nana. So as it is coming to the end of my first module I need to enroll in my second module, easy yeah, well no it really isn't so I have e-mailed my tutor and wrote on my modules forum to get help so many people seem to struggle with this. Why.... it should be so simple. I also decided to add an extra 60 credits to my degree by choosing to do level 1 Law which I will get a certificate in once I have completed it WHOOOOOO!!! So glad I'm doing this though I was the girl who struggled at school I never really felt like I fitted in at any of the schools as I would turn up part way through the year (RAF life for ya), I wasn't really bullied as such but some of the girls were nasty. Them being nasty made me not want to be there so I did what I wanted and didn't really care to much about my future so now for me to go back to learning and try and make mine and my little families future better I'm proud of myself. Does anyone else study with the open university? or study psychology and criminology? would love to hear from you guys if you do.

Also I'm thinking of getting a tattoo done on my back, a big one but I want to get sponsored to do it and raise money for Pinderfields Neo-natal ward. I will need to raise a minimum of £1000 to be able to do this would any of my readers be interested in sponsoring me? I will set up a charity page on the virgin website where donations can be given safely and securely. xxx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Look what I have been up to!!!!

OK so this week I had my sisters over to stay which is why I haven't be able to blog also my little boy has been a total monster. My sisters are 8 and 10 and they wanted a little make over so I gave them one hehe I gave them slug brows and bright cheeks it was funny, I thought giving them a makeover to make them look like how most girls walk around now a days. We also had a day of making cakes my youngest sister Molly made red velvet cakes and Trinity the older one was making meringue unfortunately the meringue turned out as flat egg sugar pancakes so in the bin they went. I wanted to make cornflake cakes which have now all been eaten so I may have to make more this week. The other cakes we made where the ones where you put the cake mix in the ice cream cones and have ice cream cone cakes. 

I took my dog for a walk yesterday with my Jared, my Mum, Trin, Molly and their dog (my dogs puppy). We walked around Thornes Park in Wakefield we met a women with a dog called Layla she was such a cute dog. Everyone we bumped into laughed at my Mums dogs name (Derek). My dog swam also YAY she hates swimming I don't know why she just isn't a big fan of it but Trin threw a stick and Rosie jumped in after it. This week has been a tough one for me so these little things I did helped me cheer up a bit, my son has been such a handful he has done nothing but scream at me, I would understand if it was because he was in pain but it's not. It is a very angry scream and I don't know what to do anymore :( so if any Mummy's are reading this and have any tips for me please leave me a comment. Thanks guys xxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Its Monday!!!

Happy Monday, how was your Easter? did you get loads of chocolate eggs? Sadly I didn't get any but I figure I'm a big girl now and can just buy chocolate when I want anyway also I need to shift a few pounds. Since the clocks have gone forward my days have been going so slow, I just don't know what to do with myself. We took Jared-David and Rosie to the park yesterday Jared found Rosie very funny when she was playing fetch, then he went on the swings for a bit. We didn't stay too long as Jared has a cold so I didn't want to keep out in the coldness for too long.
I have come to the conclusion that I'm slightly addicted to pintrest!!!!!   If your not already on there just try it you will be amazed at what you find and how much time it kills (click on the link and follow me on there).  In my blogs this week you can expect to see some cooking well baking recipes and pictures as my sisters are coming to stay over an we will be making cookies and smores and much more I hope. So if you have any thing you would like us to try out then let me know and we will give our best xxx

P.S hope you didn't get fooled this April's fools