Thursday, 28 March 2013

Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity is the new shopping center, I went for a visit on the weekend just gone and I personally didn't like it. It was very cold although it has a roof the entrances are completely open so when the wind blows you feel it. There are some new shops in the center that Leeds didn't have before like the Lego shop and the apple store, but other then that it is just the same shops as before and many of the shops are expensive they have a Pandora next to Swarovski. To say how much they spent on building the place I was very disappointed that they only had to lifts and a handful of escalators taking you to the upper floors. There aren't really any baby feeding facilities they do have a room where you can sit but it is very small and it is only bottle feeding, one women was feeding her child in the room where you change babies bums and this is where we had to feed our son. The eating facilities aren't brilliant either it consists of restaurants like YoSushi, Nandos and the burger co. the average shopper doesn't want to sit down at a table and wait for ages for an expensive plate of food, they could improve on this by maybe having a baguette shop or some kind of small shop that offers food on the go. Don't get me wrong the shopping center is a good idea and will be good for Leeds I just think they have tried to make it sound a lot better then it actually is and a lot of people on the facebook page have complained about how cold it is and other issues. If you have been to Leeds Trinity I would like to hear what you thought do you agree? and if your planning on going wrap up warm xxx 

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