Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day 3

What makes me happy??

Its Day 3 and the question is what makes me happy. Many things make me happy and all in different ways.

Jared-David makes me happy, he can all ways make me smile with his cheeky grin. He has changed my life so much and I love him to bits he truly makes me so so happy. Don't get me wrong he can upset me also it's hard being a parent when he is screaming for hours on end and I don't know what is wrong with him or when he won't sleep in his cot meaning he has to share my bed. All of it is worth it to see him happy which makes me happy. 

Rosie my Dog she makes me happy just because she is silly and never judges me and she knows when I need a cuddle. Rosie has helped me a lot in life she was there through the violence and we helped each other I love my dog so so much (I love all dogs). There are many other things that make me happy like my boyfriend, sisters, mum and chocolate but the two that make me the happiest is Jared-David and Rosie.

Thanks for reading love you all xxx 

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