Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 23 - 24

My son has been a bit of a handful so this is why my blog is running a little late but I'm up to date so lets get on with the challenge.

Day 23 asks about my hobbies, my hobby would be a mixture of drawing as I like to spend some time drawing I drew the beatles once that was cool I think its the background picture on my twitter I have added it below. I also enjoy writing if I get a good idea in my head (usually when I'm trying to sleep) I will go on a crazy imagination drive and create a full story in my head then I just need to write it out.

Day 24 my most embarrassing moment, oh dear there are a few most involve me being intoxicated lol. When I was in Germany I went to a foam party and loads of people had bought me drinks but I was at the drunk stage where your just that drunk you just keep drinking (you know what I mean) so I decided it would be a good idea to have a shot of sambuca when I hate the stuff well down the shot went and up came the contents of my stomach. There was a time when I was like 12 and I had some flare jeans on (2002 flare jeans rocked) and I was shopping in Telford when I raced my friends to the shop tammy girl as we were running i tripped on my jeans and slid along the floor on my belly I got up laughed with a bright red face and said 'I won't do that again' started running and did it again and slid all the way into the shop it was horrible everyone was staring and my mates were wetting themselves. 

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