Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 16 and a little about Jared

My biggest accomplishment, I think it will have to be getting through my troubles without going completely off the rails. Life has been tough to me but last year was by far the hardest for me and to get through it and still stay with my boyfriend under all the pressure and stress I would say is an accomplishment. As you should know by now I have a baby boy and last year he decided he wanted to join the world 3 months early!!!! I woke in pain at 3am and thought it was braxton hicks as all the books said I could get them around this stage, boy was I wrong at 5am I was in complete agony and told Liam to go get money for a taxi so I could go to hospital as I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. While he went to get the money I rang my mum told her what was going on and that I couldn't look after my sisters she told me to ring an ambulance so we did. I got to hospital at just gone 6am and finally got some gas and air (great stuff) I was so scared none of the nurses, midwives or doctors told me what was going on at 6:22 my waters broke (after pushing them and forcing them to break which hurt) then at 6:24am Jared was born he let out a tiny cry and was whisked away. I got to see him a few hours later he was hooked up to so many things and in a incubator he was so small he weighed 2lbs 9!!! when he was 4 days old he nearly died they had to massage his heart and give him a blood transfusion (he had a few). I won't describe everything that happened to him but he had a few problems his breathing was the main issue but after 11 and a half weeks he got to come home. So I would like to say getting through all of that and bringing my beautiful little boy up is the biggest accomplishment to date. 
Jared-David Now 10 months old
Jared-David a few days old

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