Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Family Film Night: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Every week we have a family film night, something Jared-David really looks forward too. This started when I was pregnant as we couldn't go out and about as much due to the issues I had. It was decided that each week we would get some snacks and pick a film.

This week we chose to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Halloween and I love Christmas so it was a perfect choice. Jared-David has never seen this film last year I thought it would be too scary for him because lets face it a skeleton that basically steals Christmas isn't exactly joy to the world.

If you have never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas then I will give you the basics. There is a town called 'Halloween Town' Jack is the pumpkin king and one day off he goes and finds a load of tree's all with funny pictures carved/painted on them. Jack goes in to the tree with the tree on and discovers Christmas, he loves Christmas but thinks he could do it this year and let Father Christmas have a break. There is a lot of catchy songs in the film which Jared-David has been singing on repeat, well the first few lines then he mumbles.

Each week with our film we pick our snacks. Jared-David normally chooses something chocolatey this week he chose chocolate buttons, Liam had a selection of cheese and I had popcorn. The popcorn I had was chocolate marshmallow flavour. I'm normally a toffee kind of gal or sweet if we are in the cinema. I was a little bit unsure about it but WOW what a flavour! I loved it and I wasn't the only one handfuls were taken by both Liam and Jared-David. Good job I had a small bag of sweet as well.

I wonder what we will watch this weekend? Any recommendations?

Monday, 5 December 2016

Weekly Meal Plan

It's the start of a new week, which means it is time to plan what we will be eating this week. We have a busy week this week, Eryn is at hospital today, Jared has his school play on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Friday we are off to Panto. So quick easy meals are needed. 

Monday - Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread 

Tuesday - Pizza and curly fries

Wednesday - Slow cooker chicken curry with rice 

Thursday - Pork Casserole with mash and vegetables

Friday - Takeaway 

Saturday - Chicken stuffed with garlic & herb soft cheese wrapped in bacon with new potatoes 

Sunday - Roast beef with roast potatoes, veg and home made Yorkshire puddings 

This week I will also be making a cake which I will be sharing with you all. I'm really excited about making it and hoping that it looks as good as it looks in my head. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Weekly Meal Plan

We all have those days where everything we can think of just isn't what you want to eat. I have seen a few posts about meal planning and I always find them super helpful for inspiration. This is the aim of my post and hopefully the weekly meal plan will help inspire you.

Monday - Smokey Piri-Piri Chicken with cross cut chips and Corn on the cob.

Tuesday - Pork chops with mash potato and vegetables.

Wednesday - Creamy tomato pasta bake with a crispy cheesy top and cheesy garlic bread.

Thursday - Sausage and mash with baked beans.

Friday - Beef stew packed with veg and potatoes and some home-made wholemeal bread rolls.

Saturday - Lasagne with chips and salad.

Sunday - Toad in the hole made with Cumberland sausages mash, veg and gravy.

Recipe For Bread Rolls
I found this recipe many years ago and I love the bread I can't for the life of me remember where I found it, where it says bake for 25 minuets I would check before then possibly at 15-20.