Saturday, 23 July 2016

Come On Baby

I feel as if I'm never going to have this baby!!! I had my stitch taken out and we were all fairly confident (consultant included) that this baby would be here within 48 hours, HA! Here I sit 8 days later still no baby and no signs that she will be here soon. 

If you have read previous posts then you will know this pregnancy hasn't been all plain sailing. I have spent a lot of time back and forth to the hospital mainly to make sure this little one stays in longer then her brother did, she has well and truly passed that milestone. Now I'm so ready to have her. I'm hot and getting hot flushes which is rather annoying, I'm uncomfortable and tired. I have been booked in for a sweep on the 27th I have read about it and I'm not to keen about having it done plus it might not even do anything, I have also been booked in to be induced on the 3rd of August. 

I do not want to be induced at all. The midwife explained the process to me which doesn't sound that bad if I'm honest but then there are downsides. I have to be on the bed the whole time hooked up to drips and straps round bump, this upset me as it means I have no control over my labour at all. In terms of pain I have been told and read that it hurts a lot more now I'm good with pain I've broken bones and not known about it just because I can handle pain well. I decided a while ago that I only wanted gas and air so that I feel more in control of what was going on ( I researched about all the drugs a long time ago and attended a course) but I know that if the pain gets too much I'm going to have to get stronger drugs. Another reason I would rather not be induced is that there is an increased chance that I could need an assisted delivery in the form of them things that look like BBQ tongs or that little hoover that helps suck out the baby. 

Some of you may be thinking well what are you doing about all this. I will tell you this I have tried all the obvious spicy food, sex, walking etc and I have even tried nipple stimulation which was suggested by a friend and also by the midwife. Still nothing apart from this sharp shooting pain in my vagina. This pain got me all excited but after getting it for days I soon realised that it was nothing to get excited about and that labour wasn't just round the corner. 

I hope the next post I write will be to introduce the baby. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Lemon Meringue Cakes

I'm fairly sure someone has made these before however, I have not yet seen any so this recipe that I'm sharing with you is completely mine. The idea of making these came about when I was walking around in Aldi and saw mini Meringue pieces, my first thought was I could use them on some nice ice cream Sunday. Then I thought of cakes. Everyone (except my weird sister) likes cake!! So enjoy the recipe and make some cakes. 

For the cake
x3 Large eggs 
8oz Self Raising Flour
8oz Butter
8oz Caster Sugar

For the filling/icing
lots of Icing Sugar (I never weigh I taste test) 
x1 Lemon 
4oz Butter
Mini meringue pieces
Lemon curd


I weighed my 3 eggs and the weight was 8oz which is why I used 8oz of each ingredient.

  1. Pre heat the oven I use Gas Mark 5. 
  2. Cream together the butter and caster sugar. 
  3. Add one egg at a time with a bit of flour to the butter and sugar mix until all eggs and flour are used. 
  4. Place a generous teaspoon full of cake mixture into cake cases ( I think we ended up with 24 so adjust the recipe accordingly)
  5. Place in the oven for around 15-20 mins. They should spring back up if cooked and be golden in colour. 
  6. I left the cakes to cool for a while then made the first lot of butter cream icing. To make the butter cream icing I used 4oz of butter then kept adding icing sugar until I was happy with how it tasted you can add a drop of vanilla if you prefer vanilla butter cream icing. 
  7. I then made lemon icing by adding lemon juice to the icing sugar, again I did this to taste and used however much icing sugar I needed. 
  8. I cut a lid out of each cake and added a spoonful of lemon curd and butter cream icing to each and place the lid back on. 
  9. Drizzle the lemon icing over the cake and add the mini meringue pieces. 
  10. Last but not least eat them and enjoy. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

What I Have Packed In My Hospital Bag

On Friday I'm off to hospital to have my stitch taken out! There is a mix of emotions, I'm excited because that means I'm closer to meeting this little girl I have been carrying around for the last 36 weeks and I'm also petrified because of the procedure. Having that needle in my back again is something that I'm really not looking forward too, it's making me feel really anxious I'm also trying to just act normal so Jared doesn't sense anything. 

When my stitch is removed there is a possibility that I could go into labour there and then!! I have chosen to pack my bag and be as prepared as possible, as last time we didn't even have a car seat thanks to him coming at 28 weeks. I wasn't (and I'm still not) fully sure on what to pack so if you can see anything I have missed off the list that I will need then please let me know. 

What I have packed for me: 

  • I have a pair of old shorts and T-Shirt to wear during labour so I can just throw them out if they get too messy. 
  • Disposable knickers I got these from Asda a pack of 5 for £1.45.
  • Maternity towels from Mothercare a pack of 48 for £5
  • Witch Hazel gel to place on the maternity towels to help soothe afterwards I got this from Boots £1.99
  • Breast Pads Eco by Naty I'm not sure where I got these from but I read about them and they sound really good but I will review these at a later stage. 
  • Nipple cream, who knew there were so many to choose from I kind of closed my eyes and picked one and got Derma Mum nipple balm. 
  • I got myself some new PJ's for afterwards I got these from primark and they are Jungle Book which is a film I love and yes I have seen the new one. 
  • I have also packed my shampoo and conditioner which I have been using throughout my pregnancy, it is really good and has been leaving my hair nice and soft. As well as that I will add my make up bag a hairbrush and my other toiletries when I need to. 
I will have a few other items with me like a book (Like A Charm by Karin Slaughter) to help pass time and my tablet and charger etc. Snack wise I haven't even thought much about that as my blood glucose levels will be monitored every hour so I'm not too sure on what I can actually have yet?! 

What I have packed for baby:
  • Four vests not all from the same pack just a nice random selection which we all had a say in. 
  • Four sleepsuits two of which are pictured above. 
  • A going home/pictures outfit which is what Jared chose for her when we found out it was a her. 
  • A pack of nappies, we are using Aldi nappies we used them on Jared and they were fine he was fine so we were all happy. 
  • A pack of Huggies pure wipes suitable from birth. 
  • Two hats one thinner then the other, with how the weather has been I thought it might be best.
  • A nice soft blanket for her to snuggle into. 
  • She has a little teddy waiting to meet her also which Jared bought for her. 
So that pretty much covers everything that I have packed and I just hope that that is everything I need?! I'm going to breastfeed so I don't think I need milk etc well at least I hope not as I would rather not buy any. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pregnancy The Pro's And The Con's

I'm approaching my 35th week of pregnancy. The last stretch, so I wanted to write a light hearted post about the pro's and con's of being pregnant just in case any one was thinking of getting pregnant and enjoying 9 months of relaxing and eating. HAHA!! Please note that I'm not holding back on the disgusting parts either. 

1. PRO - So you have peed on that stick and got the big fat positive, whoo no period for the next 9 months. No more carrying sanitary towels, tampons around for that just in case moment. 
    CON - Instead you can carry panty liners around because if your not peeing yourself a little bit then you can guarantee that there will be an increase in discharge which is basically just like peeing yourself.   

2. PRO - Shopping trip and this is the shopping trip where you get to go and buy all them maternity clothes. Cute little Tee's saying I love my bump and them lovely dresses that make your bump look amazing. 
   CON - The clothes may look great but wow are they expensive two outfits = £75+. The idea of wearing all these lovely clothes seems great but lets face it it's leggins and a baggy Tee for the foreseeable future. 

Photo by Jessica Merz
3. PRO - Cat naps. Any time of the day you can snuggle down in bed, you're favourite chair or the sofa and just have a much deserved nap. It's hard work growing a baby and as everyone keeps telling you "make the most of it and get as much sleep as you can before the baby comes".
   CON - Napping is great as long as you aren't work and don't have a toddler or other children to look after. Also that twenty minute nap that turned into two hours means that you missed lunch and the housework hasn't been done. Plus you are going to be exhausted all day long no matter how many naps you have.

4. PRO - You're eating for two so enjoy it and eat what you want when you want. A bargain bucket and a tub of Ben & Jerry's all to yourself, well it would be rude not too also are you going to eat that chocolate?
  CON - Sickness may but a stop to this or gestational diabetes might make your food choice difficult. Let's also take into account that although your expanding waist is mainly due to your growing bump eating everything in sight is going to hang around there and your thighs, bum, face and now I'm saving for a personal trainer and lipo.

5. PRO - It's shopping time again. I have a list of baby items and clothes and look at that dress it's cute and them shoes awww I need them for this baby. Such a happy exciting moment and who knew I would need all this!!
   CON - That changing station you just bought looks great and sounds great but I hate to break it to you, you've just wasted £100+ on something you will hardly use, along with about half of the other items you have just bought thinking how great that is or how cute that will look. 

Photo by M.ADA
6. PRO - Waiting for your bump to show and feeling your little one kick about. That first flutter fills you with so much happiness and you are desperate for your partner to be able to feel this to so you can share this amazing moment. 
   CON - The baby is now huge and every movement hurts a little bit more, they can crack a rib! You can't get comfy which makes sleeping harder (because peeing all night doesn't already do that). It feels like an alien force is trying to force it's way out of your belly, and if your anything like me when it moves behind your belly button you want to vom.

7. PRO - Finding out that you are having a little girl or boy. You knew in your head which you wanted more but now you know you don't care anyway, finally you can buy something that has a bit of colour to it, and choose that all important name.
   CON - Dresses cost more then they do for yourself, where are all the boys clothes? Also that name you love and spent hours, days, weeks choosing when you tell people what it is so will be delighted and say "Oh how lovely" while others simply laugh and say "Oh your being serious?" you then spend time doubting your choice. 

8. PRO - Those hormones are making you horny that you just want to tie your man up in the bedroom you don't even care that you haven't shaved your legs and your not looking your best. Hormones are great!!
   CON - Hormones suck you may be horny but when you have a huge belly finding a comfortable position can kill the moment resulting in your hormones forcing you into tears, why am I even crying! Seriously! Oh now I'm hysterically laughing. 



Thursday, 23 June 2016

Prestige Flowers

I have been having a bit of a tough time lately. Things keep breaking and I still have loads of hospital trips plus this baby will be here very soon. To be honest we have all been feeling stressed and living in a loop of tantrums, tears and exhaustion. Something albeit temporary did cheer us all, something so simple a lovely bunch of flowers. 

These beautiful double flowering roselily really made us all smile. Not only did look amazing they smelt amazing too, you could smell them throughout the whole house. This particular bouquet is pet friendly and also friendly for those who have pollen allergies as they are pollen free. The starting cost for a bouquet of roselily is £24.99 the price increases depending on size and if you would like to add optional extras such as, a vase, teddy, balloon etc. If you decide on just the flowers then I'm sure the recipient will still be thrilled with these. The flowers arrived with my neighbour in a secure box the packaging was very good compared to other online florists I have used in the past. The vase came with the flowers and really complimented the colour, flower feed and care instructions were also provided. Now normally when I have had flowers in the past whether purchased from a florist or a supermarket I can never make them last very long, with these I got them to last for two and a half weeks smell and everything. I was so impressed!!

If this particular flower isn't to your taste then you can of course browse the website and find your perfect bouquet. Prestige flowers has search options for occasion to help you pick the correct flowers for the correct moment, for example when I have this baby someone can navigate the website (it's simple to use) find flowers perfect for celebrating and then make a decision (heads up I really like the roselily so I'm happy with them) and then can add a congratulations balloon if they wanted or a cute cuddly teddy. If you use the website and order before PM you or the person you are buying them for can receive them the next day, mine arrived on a Sunday. 

These were sent to me for the purpose to review however this does not affect any views or opinions I have of the company or the product.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

I'm sick of being mum

Photo by Alex Jones

I'm writing this minuets after my 4 year old has thrown yet another tantrum. Part of me feels guilty for writing this and I'm not 100% sure I'm going to post this but I can't seriously be the only mum sat thinking I don't want this. 

When I pictured being a mum I knew that it wouldn't be easy but my god I never knew I could feel so angry and disappointed with my child yet still love them so much. The past few weeks, months?! (the days merge now) have been horrendous and not just because of my son. I'm still here there and everywhere with this pregnancy, school run and trying to sort this damn house out as well as a thousand other things. My son's behaviour lately just isn't helping and I'm finding myself wanting to throw in the towel. I have pack a bag and unpacked a bag god knows how many times with the intention of just going away and leaving it all behind. Of course I would have to come back and nothing would of be solved, and can I really leave them?

I'm sick of giving everything for everyone else, I want to be selfish but I just can't do it!! I want to buy something fun to make me smile but instead something is bought either for the boy, baby, dog or boyfriend. Is there some unwritten mummy rule that makes us bottom of the pecking line?!       
I'm sick of being the taxi to school and having the get up battle after having the go to sleep battle a few hours before. I'm sick of cooking lunch and dinner for it to be wasted and end up in the dogs bowl. I don't want to pick up your mess or hoover or wash your clothes any more. I'm tired of all that crap! 

Do the super snuggly cuddles make up for all this? Or the "I love you mummy", squiggle drawings from school and sweet smiles? I'm not so sure they do any more. The love for my son will be unconditional forever but I'm beginning to think this exhaustion and stress is going to last just as long, it's like a tug of war. 

Today I'm more angry with him then I ever have been, I even packed his bag!! Please tell me I'm not the only mum to do this? but I packed his bag and was ready to put him in the car and drive him somewhere I'm not sure where possibly his nan's. Today was hard because he started screaming at me because I wouldn't let him play in the rain, I tried the go on then go play in the rain and followed him outside. He screamed it was cold and I said well this is why I don't want you playing out in it, he hit me because he was getting wet. I picked him up and took him to his room where he just erupted into a horrid child, he kicked me, scratched me and slapped me. He screamed in my face I screamed back tears rolling down my face wondering why is he doing this again? He slammed his gate and was so angry he ended up breaking it, he was trying to shut his door with my hand in the way whilst trying to fix his gate. He is now asleep, I have cried and later he will act like nothing happened. 

I'm exhausted and can't do this any more, where has my sweet boy gone? how do I make it stop? am I the only mum to feel like running from it all? am I a monster for hating him? 

Friday, 10 June 2016

Win 1 of 2 Wet Head Game

Wet Head is a fun filled game that will cool you down on the hot summer days. Wet Head soaks losers with water following a nerve-racking quiz or truth and dare game. So if you fancy taking the Zing's all new water roulette game, Wet Head. Then enter via the rafflecoptor and if you are one of the lucky winners then you can gather your friends, fill the Wet Head with water, strap yourself in and give it a spin!!

Ready for more than one twist? Players have the option to play with the included spinner or download the free Wet Head Challenge app and ask each other trivia questions. Players can also create their own way to challenge family and friends! Any way you play, you might just get soaked! 

The Wet Head Challenge app, available on iOS and Android, includes fun trivia questions and a special recording feature. The record feature allows players to capture every drenching moment and share their videos on YouTube or social media. Use #WetHeadChallenge to join in on the splash of fun and to see what others are posting! Will you be the next Wet Head?

Wet Head comes with one hat, eight pins and a spinner. It is available to buy now for £19.99 rrp and is suitable for ages 4 and over. 

For your chance to win 1 of 2 Wet Head games just fill out the rafflecoptor below. 
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