Saturday, 27 August 2016

Whoosh 3D - 3D screen protector review

So my latest product review is a 3D screen protector. The lovely people and 3DU sent me their 3D whoosh screen cover product. Now in the ever evolving technological world the new big thing is 3D, whether it be 3D games or 3D movies it's all about increasing the immersive atmosphere. Now usually you'd have to wear 3D glasses to make such an effect possible but this product eliminates the need for the glasses with its special screen protector. 

When the product arrived everything you need is supplied within the package including a dust cloth, dust removal film, the screen cover, the application code, the appliance to apply the screen cover and also £15 worth of vouchers for the company 3DU. The protector is applied in the same way any other screen protector is. By sliding the sticky screen cover over your phone and ensuring that there are no air bubbles. Now because I was using my phone to put the cover on I obviously have no pictures of this step but I found it relatively easy to apply the cover and there are step by step instructions supplied with the product. 

Once I had got the screen cover on then the fun started. I downloaded a free application from the app store called Whoosh3D. At this point you need to enter a code which was located on a card that was again included with the product. Now within the app you could stream 3D videos direct to your phone. The speed of the streaming was good with little to no delays there was some tinkering I had to do with the settings to get the best picture however once I had set the best picture quality I could no believe how well the product worked. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about how well the product would work but I was not great fully disproved. 

The product is £20 and as of yet is only available for the iPhone 6, 5S and 5C. The product can be found on 3DU's website and will be delivered very quickly. Mine arrived within a matter of days. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who loves technology and the latest a gadgets and at £20 is one of the more affordable pieces of tech on the market.

I was sent this item for free to review, however this has no bearing on my opinion of the product.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Diary Doll Review And Giveaway

 Lets talk about underwear, not a subject most people will talk about but we all have similar habits when it comes to your knickers. You will have knickers that are comfy and for everyday use, sexy knickers for when you are going out or having a romantic night with the other half and then you have them knickers that are only used for that time of the month. 

Diary Doll are pants that will make you feel more comfortable and confident, for when you are on your period or if you have a weak pelvic floor and leak a little when you laugh. You know what I mean that moment when you think it is safe to laugh or cough/sneeze but then a little bit of wee comes out. These pants were thought of with young women in mind who may suffer with heavy periods, I know that when I was a teenager I was so paranoid that when I was on my period I would leak and be the subject of the latest school taunts! I would of welcomed these pants. What makes these pants different is that they have a secret waterproof panel. This is what prevents the possible leakage.

So how did I get on with them? I had just had Eryn-Rose so this was the perfect time for me to try them out. Before I say what I liked about them I just want to touch on the packaging. One pant was on a little coat hanger and had the tag attached, I love the design label I think it is super cute and it doesn't seem to target any certain age group. The other pants came in a little box which gives you some information on the bottom, inside the box the pants are neatly folded and there is a little signature from Annabel and Carol which I think is a nice touch. Any way back to the pants, I found them really comfortable and soft. My first fear was that the waterproof panel might make me sweaty down there and also be really uncomfortable, you can't tell at all that the panel is there once they are on and I also didn't get sweaty which is a bonus. I felt more confident in going out when I had these on as I was certain that if I did leak that the pants had me covered. My mum tried out the second pair I thought it might be best to get two opinions from two different age ranges and different pant problems. My mum found them comfortable and light to wear which I agree with as it kind of feels like you are going commando! My mum has a busy job and she does suffer from the cough and leak problem, so for her to they needed to be comfortable while running around at work. My mum was happy with the sizing and said that they were a comfortable fit and also didn't lose any shape or feel after being washed. I'm really happy with the pants and they are a welcome addition to my underwear draw.


If you fancy a pair you can purchase them from Diary Doll they are also available in 122 Boots stores, they are priced at £14.95. If you are feeling lucky you can enter below to win a the pants in size 14-16 in Black.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Breastfeeding And Me

When I found out I was pregnant I decided that I wanted to breastfeed. I never really got the chance with Jared-David as he was born at 28 weeks, I expressed for a while but it was so hard I had to hook myself up to the milking machine (breast pump) every 3 hours and when you don't have your baby with you and are lacking skin to skin contact it becomes more of a chore then a bonding experience. So this time I had my heart set on it. I was told by my midwives at 36 weeks to start hand expressing or use my pump (I think this was due to my gestational diabetes). It was a little uncomfortable to begin and I didn't really get anything, but when I was expressing the days before Eryn-Rose was born I started to get colostrum which I collected in the syringes provided by the hospital. 

The day Eryn-Rose was born I managed to get her latched on and breastfeeding seemed like it was going to be a success!! Later that night I did ask for some help as she kept getting hiccups and coming off which was painful, one breast hurt more then the other. Once I was home I continued and the midwife contacted the local breastfeeding Guru's who came round and said yep your doing great. Day 2 it was beginning to get really painful, I had cracked nipples that were bleeding and my breast were just so sore. I was told that it was just because she wasn't latching on properly and that the hiccups would't be helping. I carried on with it because even with all the pain it was what I wanted to do this plus, I was robbed of this with Jared-David. 

On Day 3 I was scream out in pain every time she latched on, my toes would dig into the floor and I would sit thinking 'it will all get better'. On this day Eryn-Rose spent between 12-14 hours continuously on and off my breasts, I was in agony and I was exhausted. I asked the midwife if this was all normal and mentioned the pain again, I explained that every feed Eryn-Rose was getting hiccups which was making things hard and that she also won't part with wind. I was told that it was normal for newborn babies who are breastfed to want a feed every hour (they don't mention that in the leaflets or the talks!!) I was also told to try her in a different position as she may be having problems latching on (No she didn't have problems latching on my breast are just in agony but she is on them for hours).

In the early hours of Day 4 I was sat in tears!! I couldn't feed my baby as the pain was just unbearable (I have a very high pain threshold as well). I was in pain and tired I hadn't slept for so long as Eryn-Rose was wanting a feed every hour then she would get hiccups which meant she couldn't feed correctly, making it very stressful for us both. At 2:30am I drove to Asda and bought formula milk! When I got back Liam prepared the bottle and I sat there crying, upset that I couldn't feed my baby feeling guilty that I had given up. I cried a good few times every time I gave her a bottle. I can't really describe how I felt/feel about giving up breastfeeding but it was what was best for my baby who just wasn't really getting what she needed. 

Once I stopped I expressed for a few days but even this was painful, it was just put down to general pain. I then had to stop expressing as it was still painful, mainly my nipples as they were so cracked and sore (no matter how much nipple cream I used) it was also awkward as I was having to leave gaps in between as we had plans and I wasn't feel well. I began to feel really unwell and was glad that I wasn't breastfeeding as I felt awful. I had a fever, my body ached all over and at times I couldn't speak properly and I also had a rash just under my breasts, I managed to get in at the doctors who told me I had Mastitis which had turned into an infection. When speaking with the doctor she is fairly certain I had had Mastitis from the first few days of breastfeeding and maybe even before when I was expressing before Eryn-Rose was born. I felt a bit of relief as that would explain why it was so hard and painful to breastfeed but at the same time I felt robbed again. If I wasn't told repeatedly that the pain I was feeling was due to latching on problems then I would of gone to the doctor sooner and I could of carried on breastfeeding. 

Emotionally I have found this really hard to deal with for a few reasons. This may sound silly as feeding a baby, it shouldn't matter how it is done. Right?! well maybe so but I had no control or say over anything during my pregnancy thanks to my cervix, thyroid and gestational diabetes. So having your heart set on something that you can choose like breastfeeding then your body deciding that actually it isn't happy with that choice, really sucks. I wanted that special bonding time with her and I wanted to have that skin to skin with her. It was a choice I wanted and a choice that was taken away. If you plan to breastfeed your baby please speak to people about it as there is so much they don't tell you.       

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Say Hello To The New Blogging Member

Meet my daughter Eryn-Rose ValerieBurton. She came into the world at 11:35 July 30th weighing 7lbs (not bad to say I had gestational diabetes).

My labour, geez what a faff as you may of established nothing in my pregnancy went as planned! So why would my labour? On Friday the 29th I thought I wet the bed, surely it wasn't my waters as it was only a small amount. Up I got to go tother toilet I leaked a little on my way. Embarrassing!! I was up and down and couldn't sleep so I rang the assessment unit who said to keep an eye on it (panicking I was 5cm on Wednesday and hadn't felt a thing). I couldn't sleep at all, actually that's a lie I rang the assessment unit an hour later who asked me to go up I than had an hour.

We dropped Jared-David off with his Nanna and then off we went, Liam, my Mum and me (still leaking like a tap). They had a look at my pad and said yep it's slow leaking waters, fantastic! At first I needed sewing up to keep her in and now she is in no rush, typical! They told me they would just induce me which was a relief but then the fear set in. Not about having her oh no! But the pain of being induced. I got a room and had to wait until there was space on labour ward. I walked and walked in hope of bringing it on each step leaking more paranoid I would end up soaking myself. I didn't. At 10pm (12 hours later) I was still waiting I sent Liam home as he had a rugby game to go to and with what we had been told I was sure I wouldn't go across for a while yet. Did you know they will induce you at 4am? I had no idea but everyone was getting contractions and taken across and I was just laid there with not even a twinge.

6Am I was woken after about half an hours sleep (every emotion running through me). I was told it was time, exciting and scary. Could I go through this? Well I had no choice even if I didn't want to. This was happening I was having a baby today!! Quick check and I was told I was fully dilated (yep still not a twinge lucky I was told). I turned on the Coronation Street omnibus whilst they hooked me up to my insulin drip and the artificial hormone to kick start labour, oh they also broke my forewaters as they were still intact.
 As you can see I was slightly bored but now I was hooked up (9:30) I started to get a few cramps after a few minutes they got more painful and I requested gas and air. My mum was watching the monitor which recorded how strong the contractions were, her face said it all as they got stronger and longer. The whole time during me pushing this baby out I could hear David Platt and I just wanted to smack him in the face. Maybe it was good job that my boyfriend was currently on his way to Leigh to watch rugby. Eryn-Rose entered the world at 11:35 and she was just perfect, I was tired and my mum was beginning to feel better after nearly passing out. 
To any woman reading this who is currently waiting to meet their tiny human, I just want to say Good Luck!! also don't expect the delivery to be like you see on TV, only around 10% of women's waters break before labour. Enjoy your birth and just remember don't scream or shout but your chin on your chest and push!!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Come On Baby

I feel as if I'm never going to have this baby!!! I had my stitch taken out and we were all fairly confident (consultant included) that this baby would be here within 48 hours, HA! Here I sit 8 days later still no baby and no signs that she will be here soon. 

If you have read previous posts then you will know this pregnancy hasn't been all plain sailing. I have spent a lot of time back and forth to the hospital mainly to make sure this little one stays in longer then her brother did, she has well and truly passed that milestone. Now I'm so ready to have her. I'm hot and getting hot flushes which is rather annoying, I'm uncomfortable and tired. I have been booked in for a sweep on the 27th I have read about it and I'm not to keen about having it done plus it might not even do anything, I have also been booked in to be induced on the 3rd of August. 

I do not want to be induced at all. The midwife explained the process to me which doesn't sound that bad if I'm honest but then there are downsides. I have to be on the bed the whole time hooked up to drips and straps round bump, this upset me as it means I have no control over my labour at all. In terms of pain I have been told and read that it hurts a lot more now I'm good with pain I've broken bones and not known about it just because I can handle pain well. I decided a while ago that I only wanted gas and air so that I feel more in control of what was going on ( I researched about all the drugs a long time ago and attended a course) but I know that if the pain gets too much I'm going to have to get stronger drugs. Another reason I would rather not be induced is that there is an increased chance that I could need an assisted delivery in the form of them things that look like BBQ tongs or that little hoover that helps suck out the baby. 

Some of you may be thinking well what are you doing about all this. I will tell you this I have tried all the obvious spicy food, sex, walking etc and I have even tried nipple stimulation which was suggested by a friend and also by the midwife. Still nothing apart from this sharp shooting pain in my vagina. This pain got me all excited but after getting it for days I soon realised that it was nothing to get excited about and that labour wasn't just round the corner. 

I hope the next post I write will be to introduce the baby. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Lemon Meringue Cakes

I'm fairly sure someone has made these before however, I have not yet seen any so this recipe that I'm sharing with you is completely mine. The idea of making these came about when I was walking around in Aldi and saw mini Meringue pieces, my first thought was I could use them on some nice ice cream Sunday. Then I thought of cakes. Everyone (except my weird sister) likes cake!! So enjoy the recipe and make some cakes. 

For the cake
x3 Large eggs 
8oz Self Raising Flour
8oz Butter
8oz Caster Sugar

For the filling/icing
lots of Icing Sugar (I never weigh I taste test) 
x1 Lemon 
4oz Butter
Mini meringue pieces
Lemon curd


I weighed my 3 eggs and the weight was 8oz which is why I used 8oz of each ingredient.

  1. Pre heat the oven I use Gas Mark 5. 
  2. Cream together the butter and caster sugar. 
  3. Add one egg at a time with a bit of flour to the butter and sugar mix until all eggs and flour are used. 
  4. Place a generous teaspoon full of cake mixture into cake cases ( I think we ended up with 24 so adjust the recipe accordingly)
  5. Place in the oven for around 15-20 mins. They should spring back up if cooked and be golden in colour. 
  6. I left the cakes to cool for a while then made the first lot of butter cream icing. To make the butter cream icing I used 4oz of butter then kept adding icing sugar until I was happy with how it tasted you can add a drop of vanilla if you prefer vanilla butter cream icing. 
  7. I then made lemon icing by adding lemon juice to the icing sugar, again I did this to taste and used however much icing sugar I needed. 
  8. I cut a lid out of each cake and added a spoonful of lemon curd and butter cream icing to each and place the lid back on. 
  9. Drizzle the lemon icing over the cake and add the mini meringue pieces. 
  10. Last but not least eat them and enjoy. 

Monday, 11 July 2016

What I Have Packed In My Hospital Bag

On Friday I'm off to hospital to have my stitch taken out! There is a mix of emotions, I'm excited because that means I'm closer to meeting this little girl I have been carrying around for the last 36 weeks and I'm also petrified because of the procedure. Having that needle in my back again is something that I'm really not looking forward too, it's making me feel really anxious I'm also trying to just act normal so Jared doesn't sense anything. 

When my stitch is removed there is a possibility that I could go into labour there and then!! I have chosen to pack my bag and be as prepared as possible, as last time we didn't even have a car seat thanks to him coming at 28 weeks. I wasn't (and I'm still not) fully sure on what to pack so if you can see anything I have missed off the list that I will need then please let me know. 

What I have packed for me: 

  • I have a pair of old shorts and T-Shirt to wear during labour so I can just throw them out if they get too messy. 
  • Disposable knickers I got these from Asda a pack of 5 for £1.45.
  • Maternity towels from Mothercare a pack of 48 for £5
  • Witch Hazel gel to place on the maternity towels to help soothe afterwards I got this from Boots £1.99
  • Breast Pads Eco by Naty I'm not sure where I got these from but I read about them and they sound really good but I will review these at a later stage. 
  • Nipple cream, who knew there were so many to choose from I kind of closed my eyes and picked one and got Derma Mum nipple balm. 
  • I got myself some new PJ's for afterwards I got these from primark and they are Jungle Book which is a film I love and yes I have seen the new one. 
  • I have also packed my shampoo and conditioner which I have been using throughout my pregnancy, it is really good and has been leaving my hair nice and soft. As well as that I will add my make up bag a hairbrush and my other toiletries when I need to. 
I will have a few other items with me like a book (Like A Charm by Karin Slaughter) to help pass time and my tablet and charger etc. Snack wise I haven't even thought much about that as my blood glucose levels will be monitored every hour so I'm not too sure on what I can actually have yet?! 

What I have packed for baby:
  • Four vests not all from the same pack just a nice random selection which we all had a say in. 
  • Four sleepsuits two of which are pictured above. 
  • A going home/pictures outfit which is what Jared chose for her when we found out it was a her. 
  • A pack of nappies, we are using Aldi nappies we used them on Jared and they were fine he was fine so we were all happy. 
  • A pack of Huggies pure wipes suitable from birth. 
  • Two hats one thinner then the other, with how the weather has been I thought it might be best.
  • A nice soft blanket for her to snuggle into. 
  • She has a little teddy waiting to meet her also which Jared bought for her. 
So that pretty much covers everything that I have packed and I just hope that that is everything I need?! I'm going to breastfeed so I don't think I need milk etc well at least I hope not as I would rather not buy any.